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Life can be a beach if a man knows how to survive the sandy regions for a day. There is more to the beach than just wearing swim trunks and packing one towel. Take it from any devoted beach-goer: be prepared or face a current of issues. What to pack and how to pack goes hand in hand, especially when it comes to sand.

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Ocean of lotion. Swimming in the ocean can be a hot activity, literally. Most sunburns happen while swimmers are waiting for that perfect wave. Why? Because water attracts the sun. You’ll need a waterproof sunscreen that is tolerant of the salty ocean. Zinc Oxide sunscreen designed for the face and nose does not have to be white-it also comes in clear for those who don’t wish to appear like a tourist attraction to locals.


A fuller cooler! Taking beer and alcohol is a must for some, but there’s something you should know. Dehydration happens. Pack enough water to hydrate to go along with the alcohol. Also, if the cooler is packed solid with cold beer and water, it is easier to use a cooler with wheels when transporting from parking lot to the beach. Pack the cooler with ice packs first and top with a pack or two. Which brings us to the next cool cooler idea.

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Ice packs rule, bags of ice lose. If you plan on packing a cheap cooler of loose ice, then you are setting yourself up for a heat-related meltdown disaster. Use ice packs, not loose ice straight out of a bag. The second option would be to use lock-style plastic baggies to bag the loose ice for the cooler. Line the bottom and sides of the cooler with the bagged ice or ice packs, then top the cooler items with them. It is not such a bad idea to take an extra light-colored blanket or towel to lay on top of the closed cooler.

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First aid kit comes in handy even when sandy! You can be as smart as a life guard by packing a first aid kit. A backpack is the perfect place for a first aid kit. Pack the usual first aid items, such as band aids. ointment, aspirin, or tweezers for that shell or wood splinter. First aid kits can come in handy, and the backpack can be used to carry other things as well.

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Pack for comfort. Pack an extra set of clothes like a t-shirt, a change of shorts and a pair of underwear. Place the dry clothes inside of a plastic bag to avoid any wet accidents caused by ocean mist or splashing water. Pack a beach blanket or large towel inside the backpack. A beach-goer can find some security in laying out the blanket (or towel) and placing the backpack at one corner on the blanket. Fold over that corner until it wraps around the backpack and brush off the sand lightly. This takes your backpack out of a thief’s view.

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The need for money. Didn’t expect to spend anything at the beach other than water and sand? From beach tags to beach chairs, beach bikes to jet skis, food vendors to drink stands, beach lounges to beach bands, sometimes fun in the sun beach activities can cost you. Do not pack credit cards. Do not use a check. Do not bring anything with your name on it in case you lose the item. Simply bring some extra cash-the most important of these six beach essentials no man should go without.