You can’t take too many shots during the night, so you might as well make them as bomb as possible. When you wake up you might even remember that awesome little concoction through the fog of your hangover. Those bomb shots can serve as sort of a reference point for you vague memory. Now you just have to remember what happened between each shot.


Absinthe… Russian Style

This one is not for the faint of heart. Get two rocks glasses and pour a shot of absinthe into one of them. Light it on fire. Now, carefully pour the flaming liquid between the glasses back and forth a few times. Place the flaming glass on the table and turn the empty one upside down. Slowly lower the empty glass over the flame to put out the fire. Make sure the rims of the gasses are touching. The alcoholic vapors will get trapped in the empty glass. Keeping the  upside down, lower the empty glass onto a napkin. Run a straw under the lip of the glass and through the napkin. Inhale the vapors then slam the hot shot of absinthe. The vapors will put alcohol in your blood immediately, so it’s a good way to start the party.


Liquid Cocaine

This one is a little spicy in a Hot Tamales candy kind of way. Chill equal parts Bacardi 151, Jagermeister and Rumple Minze in a Boston shaker. Shake it up and strain the liquid into a shot glass. Slam-a-lama-ding-dong.


Prairie Fire

Challenge your buddies to a test of manhood with a Prairie Fire shot. Pour a shot of warm tequila and deny all participants any salt or lime. Toss some hot sauce in that bad boy. Shoot it and try not to tear up or vomit. You can all stand in a circle looking uncomfortable at each other to prove your manliness.

Amazing Shot Smoke Photographs (2).jpg

The Strike Out

Line up any regular strength shot and beer of your choosing. A light beer is recommended for this exercise in debauchery. Take a drag of that cigarette or inhale some cherry-flavored tobacco from that pipe and hold the smoke in your lungs. Slam the shot and chug the beer before you exhale the smoke. It’s one, two, three strikes you’re wasted with this old bar game.


LeBomb James

This one is about theatrics. Oh, and mixing uppers and downers. Get four sugar packets, rip them open and pour then into a small pile on the bar. Get about four ounces of Red Bull in a pint glass. Pour a shot of Crown Royal to symbolize the King. Drop it into the glass and slam. Now here comes the fun part: Rub the sugar into your hands and toss into the air like James does.



Wear this one like a badge of honor. This shot is completely circumstantial. Perhaps your friends notice that you’re really drunk and it’s time to play practical joke on you. Perhaps it’s a twenty-first birthday right of passage. Maybe you are just really poor and need a shot to keep up with friends. The bartender wipes up his bar with a rag to absorb the entire night’s worth of liquid that’s spilled. He gets a shot glass and wrings out the rag. Enjoy.