Face it—almost everybody’s living the fast life these days. Staying connected and ogling at that nifty new iPhone screen every once in a while isn’t just a past time—it’s a necessity. Which working souls wouldn’t want to make their life easy by grabbing the latest toys the industry has to offer? But with so much jargon and so many items to choose from, gadgets that are actually useful can be easily hidden from the eye. Take a look at these six gizmos that are worth every penny you spend on them!

Livescribe’s Smartpen


It seems as if its straight out of a 007 movie, but Livescribe’s Smartpen is not your ordinary pen. Available in two variants, it’s able to save everything you write and draw, making it viewable on your computer. If you don’t feel like taking down the notes during a co-worker’s presentation, you can simply record all of the audio. Heck, you can even doze off during the presentation and still not miss a word! (Don’t take our advice on this one.)
Mobee’s Magic Feet


We get it-you love Apple. With their sleek designs and elegant looks, it’s hard to find a reason for not liking their products. But such high-powered devices can sometimes become a drain on the battery, especially if they run wirelessly. Mobee takes care of your wireless problems by introducing Magic Feet, a power station that can wirelessly charge your Wireless Trackpad, Magic Mouse, and Wireless Keyboard without having to disconnect them at all. A charge time of 10 hours gives you 10 days of uninterrupted use-now that’s definitely magic.

Beats Executive Headphones


Bose might be the professionals’ choice of headphones, but we know you harbor a secret crush for the Beats. Thanks to the upcoming Beats Executive, you won’t have to look like a hippie college dude skateboarding his way through the crowd. Not much has to be said about the audio-it’s sharp with powerful noise-cancelling abilities like others in the Beats series. Plus, it also shuts down automatically when the headphones are not in use. With a sleek metallic finish that gives them a classy look, Monster couldn’t have named these headphones more appropriately.

Samsung Galaxy Beam


You probably won’t take much note of the Samsung Galaxy Beam smartphone, and we don’t blame you. It’s just one of the many new incredibly powerful smartphones that you can get, but with a hidden twist-it has a built-in TI DLP nHD (640 x 360) projector at 15 lumens of brightness. Thanks to this new projector phone from Samsung, now you can leave an even more powerful impression in one of those on-the-go meetings with a smart presentation.



Ever worried about your data being hacked or physically stolen? Don’t because Rocsafe has got you covered. You’ll need both a PIN code and a smart card to access their new MX external hard drive. It also lets you transfer data at blazing speeds, and it’s quite literally impossible to hack into. Well, at least until Skynet takes over.



Want to work and work out? FitDesk let’s you do both. Compact and office-friendly, FitDesk lets you use your laptop while you do a rigorous cardio on the bike. It’s designed in a way to cushion your elbows so you don’t feel uncomfortable, freeing you to be more productive and healthy.