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Here’s a few words of advice if you are going out to the club for some evening activity: Don’t go naked. We’re not talking about going out without proper attire, but we are talking about your scent. When a man puts on a cologne, it shows a woman that he cares about his appearance and the impression that he is going to make on her. A good cologne can make a man seem much more attractive to women and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are six cheap colognes that smell expensive.


Cool Water Cologne

Cool Water cologne presents itself as having a “fresh” approach and it has hints of lavender, menthe and musk. It has an invigorating scent and can get your senses going as well as that of your evening partner. Cool Water cologne costs less than $10 per bottle.

Axe Cologne

Axe is an all-over-the-body type of spray and cologne that is designed to have a masculine feel and smell. It is a body spray that many men consider very attractive to reeling in eager members of the opposite sex. Walgreen’s sells it for $5.49 per bottle.


Adidas Ice Dive

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This cologne might be for you if you want to project an outdoor scent that combines the mountains with citrus scents. This may sound strange, but it will get you noticed by the women that you are trying to attract. If you are married or have a girlfriend, this will get her going and it won’t cost more than $12 per bottle.


Old Spice

This cologne has been around for generations and the manufacturers get right to the point when selling the cologne. “If you’re grandfather didn’t wear it, you wouldn’t be around.” The main description of Old Spice is that it’s “strong” and that means it will get the attention of attractive females – supposedly. This product will cost between $5 and $10.


Driven Black


This fragrance is probably not for Boston Red Sox fans since it is endorsed by Yankees future Hall of Famer and shortstop Derek Jeter. However, it will appeal to those who don’t like to put on anything that is overpowering or strong. This Ralph Lauren product is light and clean and it will heighten your senses as well as attract the ladies. You’ll get a ton of compliments and the aroma won’t fade as the night goes on. You should be able to find it for about $30.



Another tried and true performer that has been around for generations. Aramis will help you feel more relaxed when he heads to the bar or nightclub because the aroma is pleasant and it will not fade as the night moves along. If you are going out to a formal party, you may want to splash on the Aramis. You can pick it up for about $20.