Los Angeles might be the land of the rich and famous movie stars and high rollers, but there are also a lot of people there still trying to make it. In fact, the majority of the town consists of struggling actors or people who work real jobs with low pay. So to appeal to them, there are a number of incredible restaurants that are not only safe places to eat, but inexpensive and often cheaper then the high priced swank joints that the paparazzi stalk. Check out six of the best inexpensive L.A. joints that won’t give you food poisoning, listed below.


Tere’s. This Hollywood Mexican restaurant is in a nondescript shopping center off Melrose by the Paramount Studios. It doesn’t look like much, as long as you ignore the throngs of people packing into it on a daily and nightly basis. They have a basic menu of tacos, enchiladas and burritos among a few other Mexican staples: spicy salsa and great guacamole. You’ll be challenged to pay more than ten bucks for a meal here and also be challenged not to be incredibly satisfied.


Thai Palms. Like a great Thai food warehouse, Thai Palms is located on Hollywood Boulevard and is basically one massive room with a lot of long tables, a fish tank or two and a stage where musicians cover Elvis tunes. Waiters buzz around with headsets in their ears, and the menu is extensive, covering all aspects of Thai fare. However, it’s all delicious, whether you have it with or without MSG. Each dish also averages about seven or eight dollars in price and comes with more rice than you can eat.


In N Out. California’s famous fast food burger chain is still one of the best burgers in town, if not in the entire country. The menu is simple and to the point with burgers, fries, shakes and sodas. A number one (which is a double double, fries and a drink) will run you just under seven bucks, and you’ll be so satisfied that you will consider moving to California if you don’t already live there.


Bay Cities Sandwiches. This authentic Italian deli and grocery store in Santa Monica is like a European market ripped out of a bustling Italian city, but what makes it most popular in town is the authentic deli sandwiches that they sell en masse every day of the week. While there are a wide variety to choose from, the favorite is the Godmother which consists of a potpourri of Italian meats and cheeses with hot peppers and vegetables. The fresh bread is the real kicker, as is the price: just under nine bucks for a massive sandwich.


Cafe Pho. Vietnamese pho is perfect in L.A .when you want something light but filling at the same time. Cafe Pho off Sunset Boulevard in Silverlake offers the delicious soups, spring rolls and bun for under ten dollars a meal, keeping you healthy and both your stomach and pocketbook full. However, it may be tough to find, as there is no sign and it is in another random shopping center few people visit.


Birds. Chicken is light, full of protein and delicious, making it a favorite meal for So Cal locals who are worried about their next audition. Birds has taken advantage of that, serving a wide variety of different chicken dishes along with delicious sides. You can usually get out of Birds with a full healthy meal for under twelve dollars, unless you are drawn to their awesome bar for a few drinks. However, if you come during any of their happy hours, everything will be half price.