Wearing a watch is more of a style thing than a time keeping thing these days, as everyone has a clock on their cell phones, their computers and a number of other places in their everyday lives. Wearing a watch means you’re a bit more together and professional on first glance, adding an overall value to your wardrobe. However, a lot of guys can’t drop a couple bills on a ticking bracelet, and fortunately, there’s often no need to do so. Below are six of the best watches for under a hundred bucks out there, making you look slick and professional without denting your wallet.


Guess Leather Strap Watch. Better known for their jeans and clothes than watches, Guess actually makes a pretty sleek men’s watch that can easily be mistaken for a foreign brand that costing upwards of 1000 bucks. With multiple timekeeping dials and cool styling, you’ll have a reliable watch that will go nicely with just about any outfit. Just don’t get it wet.


Fossil Leather Strap Digital Watch. Fossil makes some of the best inexpensive watches out there in a wide variety of styles. While a digital watch usually means cheap on first blush, the wide leather strap and sleek styling adds a certain hip price to the watch itself. However, this is a specific style that might not work with a nice outfit like a suit, so keep that in mind before purchasing.


Kenneth Cole Reaction Silvertone White Dial Watch. Kenneth Cole is known for making fine clothes for men and women alike, not necessarily for their watches. However, this fine piece of hardware is an ideal inexpensive watch for a nice suit, blending perfectly with your three piece you need to wear to business meetings.


Army Issue Timex. Sold at clothing stores for around one hundred dollars, the incredibly simple and cool army issue Timex watches are so minimalist that they are some of the best cheap watches out there. Fabric and leather bands are available as accessories, making an old Timex seem new with just a band replacement.


Diesel Brown Strap Watch. Like the Kenneth Cole and Guess watches, Diesel has followed suit in making men’s watches as well as clothes and have pulled off a nicely stylized bit of wrist wear. The lack of numbers also make this watch seem classier then most cheap watches you will find.


Vestal Legionnaire. A cross between the aforementioned simple Timex and a modern, cosmopolitan look, the Vestal legionnaire looks like a watch an outdoorsy guy wears to a formal event. In other words, it takes a specific kind of look to pull this off, but if you can, then you probably won’t find a better watch for cheaper.


Fossil Analog Black Watch. As mentioned, Fossil makes the best cheap watches, which is why another one of their models makes this list. The analog black watch is simple yet classy, resembling a watch that is somewhere between a Rolex and Tag Hauer for under a hundred bucks. Everyone will be deceived and impressed at the same time.