Are you a trend hunter seeking cool flasks to covertly hide that favorite beverage drink? This is going to be a refreshing treat. On a fluke, the research began and then surfaced. Which displays some outstanding flasks to satisfy the low-key drinker in you. Some appeal to men and others to women, these creative flasks are uniquely designed to take the focus away from witnesses of alcohol intake.


The Booze Powered Mobile. Who would have guessed that someone would ship up a battery charger and a drinking flask rolled up in one? It looks pretty cool. The photo appears refreshing as a phone device as large as a super small flask (pony), displays an opening where the battery is to go, which is where the alcohol goes. Not sure if that part is appealing to many but a cool idea all the same. Don’t worry. No one will question why you put your mouth on the phone.


Battery Charger Flask. Put this option with the last option together and that’s one hell of a bar! The battery flask is what it is, a battery and a flask. There is a small compartment for alcohol. The product reviews suggests that the alcohol charges the batteries. Only one way to find out trend hunter.


The Lipstick Booze. One pretty way to hide a alcohol. A nice selection for the ladies since they can take their ‘lipstick’ anywhere they wish, or so others would seem to think. The Lipstick Booze appears small enough for at least a small bottle. But that’s what you want. Ever heard of a half-gallon size lipstick container? Thought so. This product can fit anywhere.


Shampooze Bottles. You read that right, Shampooze. These containers can be the answer if you need a chaser container. There are those who can’t drink alcohol without a chaser.


Gummy Bear Flask. Described as an “adorable way” to carry liquor, the Gummy Bear Flask is not cool for the design (that’s an absolute statement) but awesome for being true risk takers in trying new things. Quite a market risk – a Gummy Bear liquor container.


Medicine Flask. Oh this is a winner, not! But interesting all the same enough to make this list. Sure, if you don’t want other to know you’re drinking alcohol then hide the alcohol on a flask that looks like an oversized pill container. Wow, what will they think of next?