eating apples

Remember that apple-a-day mantra designed to keep the doctor away?  It’s true. Certain fruits are powerful illness preventatives. But that’s not all, and apples are not the only fruit on the list. Learn about six other daily fruits that not only keep the doctor away, but that also change the way you feel for the better!

lemon water

“Put the lime in the coconut and drink them both together/Put the lime in the coconut then you’ll feel better.” Whimsical song from the ’80s, yes, but the message still applies. Limes and their twin sisters, lemons, are great internal cleansers. Instead of filling your daily quota of water with just plain water, add a twist of lemon or lime. After a few months, the body works to shed extra fat. Mix lime with olive oil and herbs for a tasty salad dressing. Squeeze lemon or lime over your savory dishes like rice or fish instead of salt. Mix lemon water with enough honey to sweeten the taste. Freeze in ice trays and thaw slightly. Blend on high speed with a little water to make a slush.

melon bowl

Melons are a great daily food to add to your fruit arsenal. High in water content and a natural source of potassium and vitamin C, daily consummation of melons boosts water and vitamin intake. Layer watermelon, mint leaves, honey, and sparkling water  for a flavorful refresher. Create a refreshing watermelon gazpacho or even watermelon salsa. Cantaloupe, honeydew, and casaba add variety. Whether you have a slice of melon for breakfast or as a ready snack for dessert, melons are always low in calories and naturally sweet.

coconut salad

Coconuts are an incredibly flexible daily fruit. Coconuts supply meat, juice and oil. The oil is well-known for assisting weight-loss as a metabolic booster. As a topical agent, the oil also supports hair maintenance and growth. The water of the coconut helps provide energy and stamina. Try young Thai coconuts for a wide array of healing recipes. Young Thai coconuts differ from adult coconuts, which have a brown hairy round shape and are quite hard. Thai coconuts are distinguished by a firm all-white octagonal shape and no hair. Scoop out the silky and yielding white meat; this differs from the hard white meat of the adult coconut, which has to be cut into chunks. Blend the slippery slices of young coconut combined with melon or berries for a smoothie. Slice the tender meat into strips and toss with raisins and mayonnaise for an easy coconut slaw or Thai mock-noodles.


Bet you didn’t know avocado was a fruit-did you? Chock-filled with vitamin K, folic acid, B6 and healthy fats, mashed avocados can also soften the face as a healing topical mask. Hungry? Blend the avocado with olive oil, lemon, water, sea salt and a tomato for a smooth, cold bisque. Include slices of avocado in your daily salad or mash the avocado for some yummy guacamole. Spread avocado instead of butter on potatoes or whole grain bread.

blueberries in cereal

Blueberries can change how you feel. Why is this? Blueberries rate as the number one anti-oxidant food and contain anti-aging properties. Anti-oxidants fight the precursors that can become cancers. Fibrous, filled with vitamins and flavorful, blueberries eaten every day can give a healing punch. Sprinkle a heaping portion of berries over cereal or yogurt. Stir into a smoothie or keep them on hand for a daily snack.


Include pomegranates in your fruit bank. Like blueberries, pomegranates are a powerful anti-oxidant. Pomegranate juice is deep crimson-colored, slightly tart, and a wonderful fat reducer. Mix pomegranate in jams, drink the juice and even steep the seeds as a tea for daily health benefits.