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Guys are oblivious to certain things. Most men are pretty good at being a third party. They can see things happening to their buddies a mile away, but when it comes to identifying scenarios you’re personally involved in, you guys can be completely blind. You are at your blindest when women subtly hint at being interested. Maybe it’s because you don’t recognize the signs, or maybe you’re an idiot. Whatever the case, a chick could hit you with a two-ton bag of “I like you”, and you’d still miss it. Here are six date opportunities that most men completely miss.

the girl next door

The girl next door. When you were a kid, you spent your time drooling over the hot cheerleader everyone wanted. You also spent a boatload of time looking at porn. The one place you didn’t look was at that girl that used to hang out with your little band of misfits. Chances are, she liked you back then and still carries a torch for you now. It’s funny how the awkward girl next door has a way of growing up into the hot woman visiting her parents next door. Just saying.

sisters friends

Your sister’s friends. She’s bound to have one or two good friends that grew up with her. Chances are, one or two of those girls have always thought you were attractive. It’s just how it goes. You probably never considered dating one of them because “sisters are stupid, and so are their friends.” Well, this isn’t grammar school, and women don’t have cooties.

woman at work

A girl you work with. Though probably not your best choice, it’s definitely a date opportunity that a lot of guys overlook. Think about it; you spend about 40 hours a week around your coworkers. For all the time spent, it’s not a surprise that people can begin to develop feelings in the workplace. All you need to do is open your eyes and figure out which chick is checking you out. But be warned – workplace dating is like eating a sandwich chock full of jalapenos. The situation may start out well, but your ass is going to sting in the end.

female barista coffee

The girl that gives you extra cream. Or, maybe she gives you stuff for free. Maybe she just talks to you a little bit longer than the rest of her customers. Don’t assume that just because you run into a woman while she’s working, that she isn’t thinking of other things. Sit back and pay attention. If you notice some cutie constantly hooking you up at a restaurant or giving you free stuff, she may want you to ask her out. If you like her, go for it.

woman on treadmill.jpg

The girl at the gym. You know the one: the chick that asked you for help with the machines. She feels comfortable enough to sweat around you…in spandex. Out of all the other muscle heads and roid ragers, she chose to get you to help her. She’s slapping you in the face with interest. Why don’t you slap her back and ask her out? This is definitely a date opportunity most guys miss.


The extremely hot hottie. Most of you guys are saying, “What?!” Well yeah, most average Joe’s miss out on bagging the smoking hot babe. Why is that? Simple. Most guys are intimidated because she’s just so damn hot. Pretty boys don’t approach the smoking hot girl because a pretty boy can’t take the rejection that average guys have become immune to. Average men look elsewhere just because they think the hotties are dating the pretty boys. You want to know who usually gets the hotties? The ugly guys. Why? Because they have the stones to approach anybody. Don’t let the ugly guys get all the smoking hot chicks. Man up and approach that world class beauty.