It’s game time, which means it’s beer time, but you promised your special lady that you wouldn’t drink today. What’s a man to do? Well, excuse yourself to your man cave, because she knows there’s no fridge in there, thus no cold beer, right? Wrong! With the properly disguised beer fridges on this list, you can drink in peace while watching some man-stuff. Our covert beer operatives have compiled this list of six disguised beer fridges without which your man cave is not complete!


Tool Chest Beer Fridge

Tool box beer fridge. Stand-up toolboxes that open from the front are great hiding places for small beer fridges. While actually using tools under the influence is probably a recipe for injury, the women will never bother going in to check that your toolbox is on the up and up. Instead of the prospect of manual labor, you’ll get the icy blast of chilled adult refreshment every time you open this beer fridge!



Beer fridge recliner. Introducing the “beer-cliner.” Get yourself a short, coffin-style fridge (one that opens from the top.) You can then affix your recliner right over the top of the fridge, and you’ll only need to lift the recliner’s seat in order to grab yourself a cold brew. Note, when creating the beer fridge recliner, avoid chairs with special controls. The brain of that operation just may be located under the seat. Keep it simple, brother.


beer fridge file cabinet

Beer fridge file cabinet. Yeah, right. Like you really are going to do paperwork in your man cave. But she doesn’t know what’s going on there. It’s man time, after all. For all she knows, you really like looking at old bank statements. But secretly, you’ve got yourself a beer fridge there. In fact, with more drawers, you could have a beer fridge combined with all kinds of stuff, like popsicles. Those rule. Or, even better, you could just have more beer in those other drawers!


Stone cold beer. It’s a fireplace mantle, right? Nope, wrong again. It’s a fridge. This one can be done pretty easily, actually. Just get yourself a small fridge, and then slap some phony rocks on it. Real rocks and bricks are probably a bad idea, unless you want to open a 400lb. door every time you want a beer. Get some good-looking fake bricks and you’ll have yourself yet another covert beer fridge.


Christmas5 047.jpg

Little big man cave disguise.  See, your man cave is kid friendly. You’ve got a giant stuffed animal in the corner, after all. But just don’t let junior sit on this stuffed animal, or really interact with it any way at all, lest he discover your clandestine stash of ice-cold lagers and pilsners. All you need to do is carve out the giant stuffed beastie’s innards, insert a fridge, and then replace his guts. No one’s the wiser, except for those nosey kids.


beer fridge.jpg

Fuzzy dice fridge covers. The market has a wide variety of disguising tools for a beer fridge. From door attachments to fake 3-D shelves, the man cave world is yours! Surf the internet (keyword: “fridge covers”) and see what you come up with. Bet you may not find the fuzzy dice fridge covers too often. Simply use an adhesive and attack fuzzy fabric squares (matching that of the fridge size) on each side of the fridge. Attack a black felt circle on one side and all the appropriate dots on all others. Sure, the disguise may not all that slick, since gigantic novelty dice on the outside of a fridge aren’t all that inconspicuous. But whatever, you’ve got your beer to worry about!