We are big believers in the perpetual pursuit of your perfect dream job.

And although superhero and astronaut might be out of your league, there are plenty of cool jobs out there you may be uniquely qualified for.

CareerBuilder first assembled the big list of interesting jobs and interviewed these fine gentlemen, but now after careful analysis and prolonged meditation we present to you the 6 coolest dream jobs:

1. Brew Master – Salary: $30,000-$60,000 per year

Jonathan Cutler creates recipes and brews the restaurant’s beer selection at Piece Pizza, a Chicago-based pizzeria. He is the resident brewmaster.

Cutler started home brewing back in college, and completed a brewer training program after graduation. He refined his skills by going to as many beer tastings as he could. It’s not all drinking delicious beers and getting drunk though.

“Right now I’m drenched in sweat, I’ve got malt all over me and I’m wearing coveralls — and the brewery is about 100 degrees,” Cutler said.

Every guy has his own favorite beer and the world can never have too much of God’s nectar, so why not start on your path to becoming a legendary brew-Master of the Universe?

2. Casino Host – Salary: $15 per hour and up

The casino host is one of the few guys you actually like at a casino. He’s there to make the guest feel comfortable and will ‘comp’ a few drinks and maybe a few rooms. He’ll book your hotel reservations and probably collect some big tips.

At Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun casino, there is a casino host on duty 24 hours per day. Eleftherios “Lefty” Mastorakis, executive host at Mohegan Sun, comes in at noon each day and spends the next eight hours or so checking messages from patrons and monitoring the gambling floor to deal with any requests that come up.

Mastorakis entered the casino business after high school and has held a variety of roles over the last 10 years. Lefty smartly does not himself indulge in gambling.

3. Ice Cream Creator – Salary: Food scientists average $56,600 a year

Derek Spors is one of those noble men who laid down his tastebuds to bring you the finest of Ben and Jerry’s. He refers to himself as an “ice cream scientologist” and senior product developer for Ben and Jerry’s, where he is responsible for creating (and tasting) new flavors.

To be honest, he should probably drop that scientologist thing to avoid any confusion.

Spors will go around sampling ice cream flavors at many local restaurants and combines them in the lab.

And don’t worry about turning into a huge fat-ass on the job too. You only really have to taste a spoonful. It’s way better than being involved in those dreaded ice cream truck wars.

4. Toy Creator – Salary: Commercial and industrial designers earn an average salary of about $57,000 a year

Toy designers, also known as industrial designers, are the only single guys who can have a roomful of kid’s toys in their bedroom without being considered a pedophile.

This job entails combining your artistic talent with research to create the most appealing, fun and functional toys possible.

Fraser Campbell designs Hot Wheels toy cars. Sometimes he’s creating control drawings or designing the vehicles, and other times involve administrative work like e-mails, commenting on designs and scheduling meetings.

Campbell said he always knew he wanted to be a car designer, and he planned his educational path accordingly — attending an art foundation, getting a bachelor’s degree in product design and earning a master’s degree in industrial design.

Imagine getting paid to build sick car ramps and see how well they can hold up to an impromptu ‘Godzilla’ attack.

5. Video Game Designer – Salary: Starts around $25,000 with high growth potential

Jon Paquette is in the business of video games: He’s the design director and writer for the Medal of Honor Airborne game for EA Los Angeles.

Paquette works with the company’s development team, overseeing all design ideas and implementation. Sometimes this means days of meetings. Other days, he’ll be at a desk reviewing level designs.

Seems like there is bureaucracy at every job. How bad could it be if you’re wearing one of those motion-capture suits and diving onto a stunt mat?

If you watch a lot of day-time or late-night TV you know that every DeVry or ITT Tech ad is trying to get you to enroll in one of their video game design programs. And although you probably won’t do much designing without a 4-year degree, it’ll still be cool to be so close to ‘the magic’.

6. Comic Book Guru – Salary: Entry-level pay starts around $20,000

Not all adult comic book gurus are as pretentious and overweight as the Simpson’s ‘Comic Book Guy’.

Josh Blaylock, for example, seems like a totally decent guy. He is the founder and president of comics publisher Devil’s Due Publishing. He was always a big comic book fan and decided as a teenager to go to art school to pursue that dream.

After working as a comic book writer and artist, Blaylock started Devil’s Due Publishing in 1999 and put the company on the map two years later when he resurrected the GI Joe comic series. Now he spends his days managing the day-to-day operations of his company, traveling to acquire new licenses, and reading plenty of comics.

Obviously with such mega-blockbusters as Spiderman, Ironman, and the much anticipated Dark Knight, the world of comic books is proving to be more profitable than ever. And, to be honest, we need more decent superhero characters to capture our imaginations. The days of weird anime and creepy Manga cartoons have gone on long enough.

So if these dream jobs seem like your cup of tea, then go for it. You’ll only have yourself to blame when 10 years from now your neighbor’s name is plastered all over Grand Theft Auto 9.

From Laura Morsch, CareerBuilder writer Dream Jobs, February 2008