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Any man knows that a romantic evening will make a woman smile, but you don’t always have to go all-out in order to make her bust out that big, bright, pearly-white grin. Sometimes little gestures can go just as far as the grand gifts. Try out anything on this list of six easy ways to make a woman smile, and it’s a good bet that you’ll have big-time success.


Tell Her a Corny Joke. Sounds like a dumb idea, but it really works. Don’t tell her some hilarious-yet-filthy joke, because making her say “eww” is not going to win you any points. There’s no shortage of silly, corny jokes out there, so dig up your best bad joke and lay it on her. The smile she shows you while telling you how much she loves your goofy side will be worth it.

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Try a Little Chivalry. Show her that gentlemanly behavior is not dead the next time you’re out in public. Make a little production out of it. Pull her chair out for her at a restaurant while you bow slightly and say, “Your Chair, my lady.” Showing her that she’s special enough for you to go out of your way for her is a surefire way to get her to smile.

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Leave Her a Voicemail Overnight. When she wakes up and looks at her phone, she’ll see the voicemail. You can guarantee that she’s going to smile as soon as she hears your voice. Say something short and sweet and tell her that you hope she has a good day. One good deed deserves another. She’ll be thinking about you all day and will reward you in kind the next time you see her.

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Leave Her a Handwritten Note. It’s the same principle as the voicemail, but it’s a little more personal. Go with the note if you’re spending the night together. Write a quick love note and slip it into her purse before she heads out the door. When she digs it out in the middle of the day, she’s going to smile and think of you.

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Tell Her She’s Beautiful. Tell her for no reason, out of nowhere, and it’s a guaranteed smile. The key thing here is to resist your horny male urges and not tell her that she’s “hot” or “sexy.” If she catches a hint that you’re looking for a little action, she might put up the deflector shields, and your words will do more harm than good. “Beautiful” is the right word here. Let her know that you like more than just her body, OK, tiger?

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Compliment the Details. Girls do all sorts of small things to make themselves seem more attractive, and the truth is that we men don’t really notice or care about most of them. But women really, really do care about that stuff, so make sure you go out of your way to notice them. Tell her how much you like the color of her fingernails or the sparkly clip she has in her hair or her eye shadow. You might be looking at her butt most of the time, but you can’t let her know that, so go with the details if you want to see her smile.

Use your brain a little, guys, and you’ll see that it’s actually pretty simple to keep your girl happy. By using these six easy ways to make her smile, you’ll keep your relationship moving along smoothly, and you may even earn a little extra attention and affection from her. A good deed is supposed to be its own reward, but there are other things that are just as rewarding, right? Make her smile, and you just may discover them!