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When you invite your friends over to watch “Walking Dead,” you don’t want to invite your friends over and simply watch “Walking Dead.” No one wants to go to a loser watch party, so don’t be one of those guys. Such an occasion requires a bit more pizazz. The following items and ideas are essential if you want to do it right.

Food Coloring

fake blood food coloring.jpg

Food coloring will enhance your “Walking Dead” party in limitless ways. This stuff is great for both makeup and spooky toxic drinks. Don’t worry about the cliche party trick of serving Bloody Marys. You and your guests can drink anything you wish without any disgusting tomato ruining your favorite beverage.

Brain Cupcakes

brain cupcakes.jpg

You can’t watch zombie shows with your friends without a little bit of brain food. Make your favorite cupcake recipe but use vanilla buttercream frosting or another frosting with a similar color. Add a drop or two of red food coloring to create a pinkish brain color. Use a pastry bag to squeeze your frosting onto the cupcake in squiggly lines to create a brain hemisphere. Pile it on high for a thick brain.

Shrimp Brain

shrimp brain.JPG

You’re probably a high roller who can afford to treat your buddies with shrimp. Order a gelatin brain mold (unless you live in a neighborhood with shops that can accommodate these novelty items). Cook eight ounces of cream cheese and a can of tomato soup on low until it melts into liquid. Mix two packages of gelatin in cold water and add it to your mix. Add cooked shrimp or shrimp cocktail, press it in the oiled mold and refrigerate. If you have trouble removing the mold, loosen it with warm water.

Torn Clothing

zombie with torn clothing.jpg

You really don’t want to wear your Sunday best at this type of gathering. Zombies don’t change their clothing and comb their hair before a night on the town. If you don’t have dirty, torn clothing, go to a thrift store. Tear those clothes up. Smear fake blood on them. Be creative. For a more realistic effect, go to the gym every day in these clothes before the party and don’t wash them. Zombies naturally stink. They’re dead.

Zombie Makeup

zombie makeup.jpg

You do want to encourage guests to dress themselves, but there may be one or two who are used to their moms dressing them up every morning. Maybe mom’s not around or she refuses to put her makeup on her little prince. Borrow some makeup from a female friend before the party and keep it for your unprepared friend. You’ll need creamy white makeup, black and red makeup for fake veins and an eye pencil to darken yourself and your momma’s boy buddy around the eyes. Make sure the area around the eyes is very smudgy and work in different colors. For fake skin, you can mix gelatin, corn starch and water until it turns into a thick gel. Add food coloring to color the fake skin. Mix corn syrup, red food coloring and a little bit of cocoa for a realistic fake blood mixture.

An Exit Strategy

zombie leaving party.jpg

When you need to clear your place out after the party, follow some tips from the pros. It’s a little known fact that Frank Zappa music will clear out any party. A recently discovered subconscious impulse invariably causes even Zappa fans to bail. It’s important for your guests not to make the connection between you wanting them to split and the music you’re putting on. This stealth under the radar technique will not disappoint. A more mediocre yet still effective alternative is to ask everyone to help clean up.