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Visiting Europe is an essential to anyone who possesses a passport. With so much history, culture and beauty permeating through the dozens of countries that inhabit this varied continent, each city and nation that you see will garner you a unique perspective and a different viewpoint on life. However with so many options available for travelers, where should you start? Does one nation deserve more of your attention than the other? Here are 6 European cities that are perfect for any history lover, but are just as delightful for those of you who don’t know your George Washington from your George Foreman.


Paris  “The City of Light” is regarded by many as the most beautiful and elegant city on the planet, and with historical landmarks that date as far back as the 13th Century located on almost every street corner, you can easily daydream about the people who have lived and loved in the French capital. There are so many pieces of architecture and art to see that you are destined to miss out on some pieces, but don’t fret. Just make sure you stop by the Louvre and Eiffel Tower, the two most notable Parisian stops. Unfortunately when visiting Paris, you are likely to encounter French people–just try your best to ignore them and hopefully they won’t ruin your visit too much.

Edinburgh Arthur's Seat

Edinburgh Often bombarded by tourists for the annual comedy festival which happens throughout the month of August, Edinburgh is much more than student shows and comedy performances, and with so much patriotic history behind it, any visitor will probably leave having made sure they are (or wishing they were) related to William Wallace in some small way. Don’t forget to visit Arthur’s Seat, a volcano that is located within the city’s limits, though for all of those who are imagining a Tommy Lee Jones action scenario, the volcano has been extinct for hundreds of years.

Madrid Royal Palace

Madrid The capital of Spain since 1561, Madrid has maintained the architecture and decor that was established during the reign of Felipe II, with Madrid’s royal palace being one of the city’s most beautiful monuments. Madrid’s old city is a winding labyrinth of streets and alleyways that are wonderfully quaint and are a must see for any visitor. Make sure you take a map with you or you might end up getting lost and sleeping on the streets.

st pauls cathedral

London One of the largest cities in Europe, London is almost a country unto itself. The Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral are iconic structures that also offer an insight into the history of this infamous city that goes back hundreds of years and has enough bars and pubs to rival the nightlife of any other city in the world.

dam square amsterdam

Amsterdam More renowned for its Red Light District and lenient drug laws, Amsterdam is also home to the Heineken beer factory, various art galleries and fabulous flea markets as well as scantily clad ladies and a f!*k load of dope. Make sure to take some time out of the drugs and sex portion of your trip to visit the Anne Frank House, The Van Gogh Museum and Dam Square, the center of historical Amsterdam.

Berlin Museum

Berlin  Less infamous than its surrounding neighbors, Berlin has many famous tourist attractions, including the Berlin Wall, but is also quickly developing its own reputation for bawdy and lewd behavior despite being in a country famous for its discipline. The largest city in Germany, Berlin’s historical significance is undeniable.  Put the Schnitzel down for a second while you narrow down your museum choices from the 153 available to you.