If you’ve never bought a suit before—or have only ever bought one with your mom—you might be gun shy when it comes to picking something out. But buying a suit has never been easier… or less expensive.

Gone are the days of uncomfortable, ill-fitting suits pulled from the racks of Men’s Wearhouse. Here are the days of made-to-measure gear delivered right to your door.

And the following six sites are leading the revolution in luxury looks at reasonable prices. Make note of them for the next time you are looking to suit up.

Arguably the leading name in men’s made-to-measure, Indochino boasts quality suits at unbelievably low prices. The company, based in Vancouver, BC, offers everything from plain Jane charcoal suits to more exciting options like slate windowpane and Prince of Wales check. They also offer ties, cufflinks and basically everything you need to dress better than your boss. Each suit comes with a $75 credit toward tailoring. Price points: $449 to $979

Black Lapel
Ready for something a bit sleeker? While everyone takes your measurements into account, Black Lapel lets you tell them just how slimly cut you want your suit to be. Slim, tailored and standard are three different ways of cutting the same suit with the same measurements. This adds personal preference into the equation, because one man’s “perfect fit” is another man’s “blousy.” Price points: $499 to $699

thick-as-thieves-laThick as Thieves LA
Keeping it simple, Thick as Thieves LA does one thing and one thing only: Slim-cut two-piece suits. That said, there’s a lot of variation in terms of cut and other options, like buttons. All suits are full canvas and come with pick stitching and functional buttonholes, giving you a suit that fancy folks will instantly be able to tell was made just for you. Price points: $480 and up

dragon-insideDragon Inside
While Dragon Inside doesn’t offer much in the way of cool patterns, they do offer some solid basics, which every man needs in his wardrobe. They’ve also got some killer sharkskins, which are a great way to set yourself apart from the pack without setting yourself too far outside the pack. Price points: $379 to $669

knot-standardKnot Standard
In addition to classic suits, Knot Standard boasts an impressive arsenal of shirts. The good news for guys with a short suit bench is that this can introduce some diversity into your wardrobe. And similar to Indochino, Knot Standard offers $75 reimbursement for any alterations you get made to what should already be a great-fitting suit. Price points: $495 to $995

preston-plum-clothiersPreston Plum Custom Clothiers
This D.C.-based company was started by a short, skinny fellow who could never find anything that fit correctly. So they make it their mission to give you a great fit with a 20-point measuring system you can do with your tailor. Submit that info when you order, and if your suit doesn’t fit perfectly, you can send it back to replace or your tailor can fix it—all on Preston Plum’s dime. Oh and yes, they do weddings. Price points: $495 to $575