No matter how cool you think, say, Superman is, that doesn’t mean you should parade around town wearing red tights and a cape. The same principle applies to the show “Mad Men”. Yes, we know it’s one of the coolest shows around, but that does not mean you should take fashion tips from the characters, that is unless you take tips on what not to do. You can start with these six fashions from “Mad Men” you shouldn’t follow.


The cardigan. Guys can keep a cardigan lying around the house (even the weirdo fuzzy kind as seen in “Mad Men”), but they should never, repeat never, go out in public wearing it. The only reason you want to keep one around the house (especially the weirdo fuzzy kind), is to lend it to your girlfriend in case she’s cold. Even then, she needs to swear she doesn’t remember where she got it if anyone asks.


The bow tie. Sorry, guys. Even though bow ties come with the added benefit of never having to worry about spilling soup on your tie, it will also come with loads of titters behind your back. Bow ties only work on goofy old men, college professors or anyone dressing up as the Pringles’ spokesman. That’s it.



The plaid sports coat. This trend from “Mad Men” doesn’t really need an explanation as to why guys shouldn’t follow it. Ever. Even if you life depends on it. Even if someone pays you.


The sweater vest in general. Unless you’re still in third grade, and it’s class photo day, a sweater vest never looks good on a guy. In fact, it doesn’t even look good in third grade, no matter what your mother said. Sweater vests are not only uncool, but they are also not functional. What good is a sweater that doesn’t even keep your arms warm?

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The sweater vest under a jacket. Okay, putting the sweater vest under a jacket does take care of keeping your arms warm, but it also takes you down to another level of uncool. Any type of sweater under a sports coat is bad news. It ruins whatever sleek look the jacket may have had, while it also ensures you’ll end up with arm pit stains from profuse sweating.


The straw hat. The only time straw hats are acceptable on men is if you happen to be marching in a Fourth of July parade. Even then, you’d do better with a giant-sized red, white and blue top hat a la “Cat in the Hat” rather than a straw hat a la “Mad Men”. At least the giant top hat is an obvious joke that will get you some laughs, and no one mistakenly thinks you’re lamely trying to be fashionable.