Making love to your girlfriend or wife is not just about your pleasure. Many men find it hard to fixate over anything but their own erection and their climax when engaging in a sexual relationship. This can lead to a rather unsatisfactory feeling for your partner. Instead of sticking to a few moves that you’ve been using since you were sixteen, why not try to concentrate on some of the female pleasure centers that can enhance her sexual enjoyment? Here are six pleasure centers that you have probably been missing.




The ears are a very sensual part of the female body. In addition to whispering dirty suggestions that will turn her on, you can kiss, chew, nibble and lick the ears to give her pleasure. You will know right away from her reaction if she is turned on or she is just tolerating your efforts. Saying the right words and doing it with the proper tone will also make it more enjoyable for her. Word of warning: don’t follow any script. You have to go with what you are feeling, or it will seem forced.
  Cheeks (Face)


This is one of the most overlooked pleasure centers on the female body. As you begin kissing her, your hands should touch her hair, ears and then her cheeks. You may want to go straight for her breasts, but delay your gratification and stroke your fingertips over her cheeks. Not only does this feel good to her, it will send her the message that you care for her and she will respond by showing you how much she cares.




There’s something romantic and sensual when you take the time to stroke her arms or hold her hand. When you touch her in an area that is perceived as non-sexual, you are sending her a message that you care about her and her well-being and that you are interested in more than just your own pleasure. If you stroke her arms, this will provide warmth, and she may start to feel happier and more turned on. You are going above and beyond with some unplanned touching, and it will make her feel good about herself along with stimulating her sexually.


The belly can be an amazingly sensual and responsive area for any woman. If you use your fingertips or the back of your hand to make swirls on her stomach, it can lead to waves of pleasure for her. If she is into it, you may want to use your teeth and tongue in this area as well. If you love the feel of her stomach, compliment her on how good it looks and how nice it feels. She will show her gratitude in many ways.





Most men will go back to their high school or college days and do whatever they can to whip off the bra so they can start right in on the breasts and hone in on the nipples. That probably didn’t work out so well then, and most mature women don’t want to be pawed either. However, if you go to the underside of the breast, she may feel pleasure from an area that has been largely ignored. Slow circles with your fingers and tongue followed by more pressure will increase the sensations.



Rubbing her back, particularly her lower back, may be a great way to welcome her after she has had a long day at work and school. The tensions and pressures of the day may accumulate in the lower back, and by massaging her with light oils, you can rejuvenate her and allow her to feel special. Start off by making small circles and then increase your speed and pressure. She will get tons of pleasure from a great back rub.