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One of the advantages of being a trekkie is the chance to see the hotties in each of the episode, whether mainstay or a cameo. All of the different series have had their share of attractive ladies, if for no other reason than the fact that the producers know the fans will go ga-ga for the girls. From alien races to wise advisors, there are numbers of girls from Star Trek who set their phazers to hot, and these are six of the best!

Deanna Troi


One of the hottest women on the television series to fill a body hugging suit, this lady brought the allure of the Greek woman into space.  She plays the part of a mind reading Counselor and also diplomat for each and every race with her mind reading abilities.  With a chick like this, war or peace would definitely be worth the risk. So hot in fact that Number One (Will Riker) made her his Number One by marrying her.

Jadzia Dax


She is the Chief Science Officer with the funky spots and freckles all over her body. This is because of her symbiosis with an advanced species called Trill, which goes by the name of Dax. Even with all her smarts, she seems to not want genius guys with her, rebuffing doctors and scientists alike with their advances and charms. She later does the nasty with the Klingon, Worf, thus giving us earth-bound uglies something to fantasize about.

Seven of Nine


Machines can also be hot, as exhibited by Seven of Nine. This borg symbiant also fills up her cat suit quite well but has a problem with expressing human emotion. She believes in her collective logic as connected to the borg, that all humans are scum and weak. Well that will include men as well. But who cares, she is hot to look at!

Dr. Beverly Crusher


Not exactly one of the younger women on board a Federation Cruiser or Starship, she is still hot.  In fact this will lend credence that in the future, MILFs still rule! In fact, so hot that Captain Picard still has the hots for her even though they been divorced for quite some time. She is the ship’s doctor, so the men do not mind getting sick once in a while.



An empath whose life mission is to imprint on her mate’s psyche and match herself to whatever that person wants in a mate. Since she is not human she probably does not know that the one thing that Human males want is sex and more sex. But then again, that is why she is not Human. While her name might conjure images of a different type of Kamala (search the name and see!), that doesn’t change the fact that this chick is sexy!



 Everyone has always fantasized about making a mechanized human like sex robot, and Andrea is one of the best there is. A “mechanized geisha” invented by Dr. Roger Korby, a scientist who mysteriously disappeared and was later on found by Captain Kirk. Is it not obvious why the good doctor made himself disappear? Duh?!