If you want to stay fashionable without becoming a stereotype, you’ll need to learn about the six hipster trends you can like un-ironically. Despite the hipster attempt at being unique and ironic, it can backfire when you end up a part of a group that is doing the same unique and ironic things, which ends up just making them lame and all too similar. Therefore, even if you follow these tips, make sure your friends aren’t following the same tips. And always remember that fashion can quit being trendy and leave you looking foolish if you don’t pay attention.

sports jacket.jpg

A sports jacket. Finding a versatile sports jacket allows you to take your hipster trend out of the local record store and into a situation where professionalism is needed. If you buy a basic black jacket that fits well, you won’t have to worry about it going out of style immediately either. A tailored jacket is better than off the rack, even if you take a vintage jacket to get fitted for your size.


Messy hair that isn’t really that messy. Try to find the perfect middle ground between tangled, dirty and a head of hair covered in gel. You shouldn’t look like you just woke up, but you shouldn’t look all that unfamiliar with your mirror either.


A thick beard. While growing a bear can give you a cool hipster look without much effort, it’s a trend best served for winter. Keep in mind that all women aren’t crazy about beards, especially if its ratty or too long. It’s also a smart move to be honest with yourself ahead of time because a patchy beard that doesn’t grow in well is never a good move at all.


Vintage t-shirts that are actually vintage. If you buy your t-shirts at a department store, already faded and worn, you’re just going to look pathetic. And don’t forget that witty sayings aren’t witty to everyone, especially women. Stick to actual concert t-shirts for bands you actually like.

casual shoes.jpg

Casual shoes that are comfortable. Shoes are an area where you shouldn’t worry to much about standing out from the crowd. While you and your buddies shouldn’t all be wearing similar scarves, similar shoes, especially Chuck Taylors, are just fine. But don’t get too cute with undone laces and quirky socks. Just stay comfortable and classy.


Jeans that don’t look like women’s jeans. Somewhat form-fitting jeans are fine, but if it takes more than a second to pull them on, you’re going to look back at yourself ten years from now with embarrassment. A few natural rips are just fine, but stay away from jeans that look to be strategically messy.