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Secretaries have been alluring figures for man since the dawn of time. It’s hard to pin point the reason why they make us so heated under the collar. Maybe it’s because they attempt to cloak their sexuality under a modest, business appropriate blouse and we see it as an opportunity—neigh a challenge—to uncover. Unless you are a fan of sexual harassment lawsuits, the actual pursuit of a secretary n the modern office is best left to the realm of fantasy. Allow us to indulge said fantasy, as well as honor national secretary day (yep, it’s a real holiday), with a few of our picks of the hottest fictional secretaries who’ve graced the big and small screens this past decade.

Maggie Gyllenhaal – Lee Holloway – “Secretary” Maggie Gyllehaal’s performance as the eponymous character of her movie embodied everything that males desire from a sexy assistant. She’s sexy, quiet and can make a mean cup of coffee. When she is disciplined by her boss, played by James Spader, it is both enticing, yet completely mortifying at the same time.

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Christina Hendricks – Joan Holloway – “Mad Men It is literally impossible to not stare at Joan Holloway as she walks away from you. You are instantly hypnotized by her curvalicious figure and skin tight dresses that perfectly compliment her chilled out demure. The fact that she’s ginger just adds to her appeal, when in most cases you would just point and laugh at her.

Hot Secretaries Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow – Pepper Pots – “Iron Man” Gwyneth never seemed like the secretary type. What with the rock star husband and the odd names that she gives to their kids, (Apple? Seriously?) she seemed above all the paper work that comes with the job. In both of the Iron Man films, she manages to keep her natural beauty under wraps enough to slowly seduce every single member of the audience. She even makes Scarlett Johannson look like a piece of trash. That last point may be an exaggeration, but she is really pretty.

Hot Secretaries Jenna Fischer

Jenna Fischer – Pam Beesly – “The Office.” Pam Beesly is the perfect secretary. She has a quiet demeanor that is subtly sexy and a sharp and biting sense of humor, which leaves those on the receiving end quivering in fear from the abuse they’ve just received. If it were coming out of any other lips, it would just be annoying. Pam is the kind of girl you could bring home to your mother and then make jokes about your family with on the ride home.

Hot Secretaries Halle Berry

Halle Berry – Miss Jones – “The Flinstones Before she became an Academy Award winner and the punch line to every tearjerker joke on Oscar night, Halle Berry played a sexy secretary in “The Flintstones” live action movie. Quite the leap. Her smoldering sexuality went straight over the little children’s heads, but gave their Dads something to look at whilst they endured 90 minutes of Rosie O’Donnell and Rick Moranis.

Hot Secretaries Janel Moloney

Janel MoloneyDonnatella Moss – “The West Wing” Donna Moss is loyal, funny, knows her job inside out and is sexy as hell. But it was her sexual chemistry with Bradley Whitford as Josh Lyman that really made audiences care for her. She was so palpable that you actually hoped and prayed that they would both one day actually get married in real life.