Social media is a tricky place; it’s easy to get self-indulgent and braggy. To improve your online persona, take our advice and stop posting these six types of photos. Unless you want girls taking screenshots of your ’grams and sending them to their best friends with the eye roll emoji…

1. The flexing at the gym photo. Sorry, we don’t really care that it’s “back day.” So please spare us the photo, shot from behind, of you flexing your swole muscles. And while we’re on the subject, how did you even get that photo? Did your bro take it for you? Well isn’t that adorable.

2. A photo of your car dash thermometer. Oh it’s hot today? We know. We have the weather app, and also, we know how to go outside. We don’t refer to your Instagram account for the latest in meteorological analysis.

3. The drink photo. Why are so many people obsessed with posting photos of their beverages? It seems in the world of Instagram, your drink represents how cool you are. A Starbucks cup means you’re trendy. A drink at the bar shows that you have a fulfilling social life. And the protein shake (#bodyfuel) obviously represents your fitness prowess and healthy lifestyle. Let’s put a stop to this madness—no more drink posts.

4. The crappy sunset photo. A professional photographer, you are not. I’m sure it was a gorgeous sunset; however, your photo just looks like a blurry, slightly orange mess. To top it off you add #nofilter? Yeah, we can tell. It looks terrible.

5. The inspirational quote photo. Um, are you OK? We’re always worried about people who post inspirational quotes about getting through tough times or staying strong. It kind of makes it seem like you’re just fishing for concerned comments. Let’s dial back the drama.

6. The smoldering look selfie. We think men posting selfies in general is questionable, but that’s a debate for another day. If you are going to post a selfie, please avoid the pose that involves laying in bed and seducing the camera with your eyes. We are embarrassed for you.

Photo: iStock/Ibrakovic