In the age of technology and Shark Tank¸ it takes a lot more than stainless steel appliances or a kick-ass grill to impress someone at your place.

Whether you’re shopping now or after that next bonus, keep these six things on your radar as your next big nesting purchase, guaranteed to impress.

Bonus points for a life-size Storm Trooper. Double bonus if the girl you bring home thinks it’s as cool as you do.

Built-In Speakers
There’s nothing cooler (and easier), music-wise, than to press play on your phone and have your place fill with tunes from the actual walls and ceilings. Don’t want to get that extensive? Try a wireless surround-sound speaker system. Either way, you’re stepping above the iPhone dock.

magic-tv2. Hideaway TV
Go from, “You don’t even have a TV?” to “OMG, your TV appears as if from nowhere, but really out of your sleek-looking cabinet, and it’s the coolest thing ever?” with the press of the button. James Bond would be proud.

heated-bathroom-floor3. Heated Bathroom Floors
Tile gets cold, even in the summer, when your AC turns it into what is essentially one large ice plank. Solve that problem with heated bathroom floors. Then you—and your guests—can luxuriate in warm-footed bliss.

rc-lights4. Remote-Controlled Lights
Let me paint you a picture: Your date is at your place, you’ve poured a couple glasses of red, and you’re settling into the couch for a movie. It’s so romantic but, ugh, you forgot to turn off the lights. Wouldn’t it be nice if, instead of having to get out from under that blanket you’re sharing, you could just set the mood lighting with a remote? Now you can—and should.

billiards5. Convertible Pool Table
Live in a city apartment with limited space? Chances are, your pool table won’t fly with the live-in girlfriend—or those guests you invite over for impressive adult dinner parties. What will win everyone over, you ask? A pool table that turns into a dining table, of course.

drinks6. Drink Dispenser
Any get-together you host will automatically go down in the books when people see your bar-grade drink dispenser—whether it’s a Kegerator, or something slightly classier, like this rotating liquor bottle dispenser.