Rough weekend for your NFL team? Relax, we’ve got the elixir. It comes in the form of children, those goofy little people who so openly share their emotions. This can be awkward—like when you’re trying to sleep on a plane and the kid behind you gets really really happy, then really really upset— but it can also be delightful, like when videos surface of them weeping their little eyes out because their favorite team encountered Aaron Rodgers. So cheer up, buttercup. Because while losing can make you cry, watching someone else cry from losing can make you laugh.


An Enemy of Raider Nation
While this boy’s hatred of the Raiders may be shared by many people outside Oakland, it takes a grim twist at the end as the lad’s pain becomes so immense he turns on football itself (hate the playa, son, not the game).



Watch Your Back, Mr. Uggs
Behold one amazing anti-Tom Brady rant, which becomes so intense even the boy’s father seems to grow uncomfortable, much like Victor Frankenstein when he realized the full power of the monster he spawned.


Not Just For Boys
Fathers who lack sons, take heart in knowing you can raise a beautiful little girl with a psychotic loathing of the Packers.


Everybody Hates the Packers
People talk about how perfect Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers is, because he seemingly never “loses a game” or “throws an interception” or “retires and un-retires while texting photos of his alleged junk.” True enough, but at least Brett Favre never made this many little girls cry. Seriously, what’s wrong with you, Rodgers?


Still a Kid at Heart
One Giants fan reminds us that, though we may be a little older (and stockier), the pain of seeing your team lose never really goes away. The one sign of maturity: an abundance of NSFW language. If you watch the whole thing, you’re rewarded at the end with a healthy dose of perspective.


Sobbing Superstar
For those who missed watching Peyton Manning this season, check him out playing… as a little boy. The difference between Peyton now and then: at that point, Peyton could still openly bawl on the field, and let’s just say he exercises that right fully.