You won’t be able to forgive yourself if you’ve ever thrown away one of these six kids toys that are now worth more than your house! Some are worth more than others, and of course, the better condition they’re in, the more money they are now worth.



Set of Rare Pokemon Cards. Pokemon cards were all the rage in the ‘90s, and you may have been collecting up a storm. The one thing everyone wanted to get their hands on was a rare card, such as a very sought after creature or a card written in the original Japanese. Just one card could be worth up to $15,000, so if you have a set, it could now be worth more than your house.



Princess Diana Bear Beanie Baby. This rare bear can be worth a lot on its own, but if you’re lucky enough to have the trading cards that go with it, you could see as much as $200,000! To keep the bear and the cards safe, you would have needed to keep them in plastic wrapping, or if you’re really extreme, under glass!



Matchbox Car. These little play cars may look like a simple kids toy, but they can be worth a bundle. Just one can sell for up to $500,000, and that’s even if it’s a little damaged. And some sets are rarer than others, meaning you can really get a great payday if you held onto these toys.



Vintage Lunch Boxes. These aren’t really toys, but kids sure did collect they, cherish them and play with them like they were. If you have a few of these lying around in good condition, you could be sitting on more money than your house is worth! For example, the Superman vs. The Robot lunch box is worth upwards of $12,000.



Collection of Beanie Babies. If you’re not lucky enough to have the Princess Diana Beanie Baby, you may still have kids toys that are now worth more than your house. Several Beanie Babies could be sold for thousands, such as the Peanut Beanie Baby. Sell a few dozen, and you could make a small fortune.


manimals 2.jpg

G.I. Joe Manimals. If you’re lucky enough to have the collection of G.I. Joe Manimals, then you own kids toys that are now worth more than your house! Each one is worth about $21,000. They were only manufactured for a short time and their rarity is partly what makes these kids toys so valuable.