What could be cooler than a burly wooden case packed with stuff you love? Cracking it with your very own mini crowbar, of course.

Man Crates takes unwrapping to a whole new level by delivering themed goods in a sealed chest you get to pry open like, you know, a man.

So whether you are planning to give or receive, crack your knuckles and get in the holiday spirit with this six-pack of masculine swag.



Outdoor Survival Crate

The Outdoor Survival crate is like your own personal cheat sheet for passing the wilderness test. (Instincts, guts and Bunyan-esque beard not included.)

Comes with: 5-in-1 multi-tool & carrying bag; shovel, saw, pickaxe, hammer, and hatchet heads; built-in compass; army survival guide manual; 50 ft. of paracord and a paracord knife with firestarter; emergency blanket; glow sticks; a Pemmican meal bar; and beef jerky.

What to say when giving: “Good luck out there, hoss.”

$119.99 + shipping



High Roller Crate

Oh, you suave devil. You fancy yourself a whiskey-drinking, modern-day Sean Connery-era James Bond, don’t you? The High Roller will help you achieve that dream with a cigar in your mouth, a whiskey, neat, in one hand, and your royal flush spread on the table to show everyone you mean business.

Comes with: Exclusive ‘Honor Guard’ playing cards; exclusive ‘Generalissimo’ playing cards; 2 whiskey soapstone rocks; 2 felt and slate coasters; stainless steel cigar case; 2 ‘Evil Genius Sphinx’ glasses and one black matte flask.

What to say when giving: “Live large. So large.”

$99.99 + shipping



Exotic Meats Crate

What’s a man to do when he’s already explored the savory territory of beef to its maximum limit? Expand his palette by dining on a variety of other animals, of course.

Comes with jerky and/or ‘beef’ sticks from the following animals: Alpaca, duck, elk, cow, ostrich, deer, boar, buffalo, pheasant, and kangaroo.

What to say when giving: “And you didn’t even have to get your hunting license!”

$99.99 + shipping



Personalized Whiskey Crate

You don’t have to go back in time to a dusty saloon in the Wild West to experience the inimitable joy of a fine whiskey drinking experience. The Personalized Whiskey Crate wants you to sip it slowly, while you snack thoughtfully, contemplating weighty decisions.

Comes with: 2 personalized, heavy-bottom 9 oz. glasses; 2 ice sphere molds; 2 slate coasters; spiced peppercorn peanuts; salted pistachios; cranberry, black pepper and orange zest-flavored pecans; whiskey drinking journal; and (optional for $25 more) personalized black matte flask.

What to say when giving: “Cheers, you lucky son of a bitch.”

109.99 + shipping



Sriracha Crate

The modern-day king of hot sauces gets its own Sriracha-centric crate for spice lovers to salivate over.

Comes with: Custom-fit Sriracha spray bottle; Sriracha all-purpose seasoning rub; Sriracha-style black pepper bacon jerky; fire-roasted green Sriracha sauce; Sriracha popcorn; Sriracha wasabi-style peas.

What to say when giving: “You do like spicy food, right?”

$59.99 + shipping


Clean Shave Crate

Unruly facial hair has no place in polite society. Sure, it harkens back to our days as hunting-gathering, cave-dwelling, fire-inventing man-beings, but even a fierce beard needs a little taming.

Comes with: Silver tip badger brush; Parker razor; 5-pack of chrome blades; vintage-style shave mug; leather shaving kit; shave towel; Imperial pre-shave oil, glycerin face soap, and Bergamot aftershave.

What to say when giving: “Gentleman up.”

$139.99 + shipping