Between men’s tactical clothing to men’s practical shopping, no man should go without at least one of these six military clothing options. Men usually do not enjoy shopping for hard-to-find clothing that best defines a comfortable fit. Affordable military inspired clothing is not as hard to find as one would think. Here’s proof of that!


Men’s Tactical Heatgear Compression shirt ($24.99, Style #1216010). The Tactical Heatgear V-neck shirt fits a body like a comfortable glove. It comes in white and black. Black defines the shape of a body better. The ultra-tight appeal comes with a second skin fit.  Upside? Four way stretch and lightweight. Downside? The shirt can literally melt in extreme heat or open flame. It is flammable.


Men’s Tactical Winter Blackout Glove ($44.99, Style #1227556). Practical best describes this purchase. A pair of leather/neoprene/mesh gloves with superior grip. Velcro closing is tolerable. Two colors, desert sand and black to choose from. Desert sand looks military inspired. If you are seeking good looking hand warmers, these are it.


EMT pants ($32.99). The well pocketed (9 in total) EMT pants that comes in navy blue or black can become a walking shelf. A poly/cotton material pant with adjustable waist tabs makes moving easy.  Sure, they are not for every event but they are convenient when lugging a ton of things around. Every man should own these pants! What goes with these pants? Try the next item.


Military Propper Cover Hoodie ($44.99). Propper Hoodie can be found at the Military Uniforms Supply store online. They are warm and comfortable. 80% cotton, 20% polyester. There’s no logo which gives the person wearing it more options when matching.


24-7 Series Tactical Khaki Pants ($39.95). Khakis with work appeal manufactured by Tru-Spec. Extra deep front pockets, along with multiple pockets, to make these pants a walking storage unit.  The double reinforced knee is perfect for the working man. The appearance will attract those inspired by military clothing. And that is not a bad thing. There are a lot of great military style clothing on the market today, including the Khaki.