Some cinematic vacations just look so tempting and luxurious that you find yourself contemplating whether to dive head first into your TV screen, not even contemplating the permanent and long term brain damage you would almost certainly receive. However some are so frightening and spooky that you have to visit them, just to check that someone could live like that. So to save yourself the pain of a fractured skull and the cost of a new television, here is a definitive list of the six movie vacations any film lover should take.

catskill mountains dirty dancing

Catskill Mountains. A popular destination for New Yorkers due to its close proximity to the Big Apple, the Catskill Mountains have become infamous due to is association with “Dirty Dancing” leading every father who brings his daughter to immediately lose trust in any dance instructor who lives their and “I’ve Had The Time of My Life” to be eternally ruined for every resident. These Mountains are the perfect location to lose yourself in and the snowy summit of Belleayre Mountain is a sight worthy of Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes lyrics.

chattooga river deliverance

Chattooga River. Whenever you hear a pair of dueling banjos, its impossible not to think of the Cahulawasse River, a fervent current and a man being sodomized against his will. “Deliverance” was actually filmed on the Chattooga River, a lovely spot for fishing and white water rafting where you can take the entire family with the Seven Foot Falls a particular highlight. Just listen out for the plucking of a banjo string.

alaska into the wild

Alaska. We’ve all longed to just throw your inhibitions to the wind, leave everything behind and start a new, and in Sean Penn’s directorial debut “Into The Wild”, Emile Hirsch’s character does exactly that, and chooses possibly the most wonderful location in American to explore. Alaska has so many delights that are explored in the movie and missed by regular US Citizens who deem the state too far a distance away to enjoy. However there is simply nothing in the US that compares to the sight of the Portage Glacier just outside of Anchorage, a natural wonder that will take your breathe away. Just a word of warning though … don’t just live off of the berries.

thailand andaman sea

Thailand. Gloriously beautiful, “The Beach”—Danny Boyle’s follow up to “A Life Less Ordinary”—paints the east as a luscious continent of majestic beauty and the areas of Phuket and Samui only reinforces this myth an boasts the soft tropical waters of the Andaman Sea. It has made us all dream for an island of our own in far away paradise. Just without the murder.

Thurston Lava Tube Hawaii

Hawaii. Of course no one wants to share a vacation with their ex-girlfriend a la “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, but the opportunity to fall in love with an exotic holiday rep is what every red blooded man dreams of and then add to that the Hawaii setting, where you can hike through the undisturbed Thurston Lava Tube and as the sun sets climb Kilauea Caldera Volcano and gaze at the wonder of stars you are confronted with.


Disneyland. Family vacations? They are usually filled so much in-fighting, arguments and acts of physical violence that it feels more like a trip to prison than a relaxing adventure. But the allure of Disneyland changes all of this turmoil and makes everything worthwhile and could only be bettered if Chevy Chase actually was your Dad. How many of us count many a Disney classic—for better or for worse—as a powerful part of our childhoods? You can’t stop the Disney juggernaut—your kids are going to feel the same. Of course Disneyland is actually a horrific place to visit for the elder statesmen of your family, but the smile it puts on your offspring’s face is worth it.