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Hollywood has taken over the world. That is a bona fide fact. With them, Hollywood has brought thousands upon thousands of multiplexes which blight our landscape and provide us with hours upon hours of insipid cinema—providing entertainment for the masses, but depressing and embarrassing cinephile’s throughout the country. Each of them look, smell and taste exactly the same. However there are still some movie theaters that manage to remain original and supply their patrons with unique movies from the art house, classic, foreign and independent genres that would never ever get the opportunity to be shown in multiplexes. But which are the best movie theaters in America? That possess some kind of magical aura and have the capacity to elevate a terrible film into an average one. Here is a list of the 6 best movie theaters in America.

Alamo Drafthouse, Austin.

The ultimate home for any kind of geek and nerd. Alcohol flows, nachos are munched and the previews before each movie are replaced by quirky clips from your favorite movies and television shows. It has even become a mainstay for a vast array of cinematic luminaries that include Quentin Tarantino, who anytime they visit Austin make sure that they sit alongside their fellow film nuts. If you’re not situated anywhere near Austin, then don’t worry, there are 9 theaters in the US, as well as a mobile Rolling Road Show, which sounds fun, but also extremely dangerous.

The Castro, San Francisco.

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Mixing classy architecture with a vast array of different movies, The Castro’s venue is an elegant abode for film and has been around since the 1920s. A “Mighty Wurlizter” pipe organ takes a pride of place inside the cinema and is still used to accompany silent pictures as well as for pre-show entertainment. It is also the home to various film festivals that take place throughout the year.

The Senator, Baltimore.

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Opened in 1939 shows standard multiplex fare as well as art house titles, but the venue is filled with unique and stunning  architecture. The Senator has also been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1989 and its 40-foot screen is elegantly revealed behind  a huge gold curtain before every screening. Making you feel like royalty; unfortunately, a crown is not provided.

The Music Box Theater, Chicago.

the music box theater.jpg

Chicago’s premiere location for independent and foreign films and is also the home to its local film festival. You can choose from their huge collection of alcohol and its staff is friendly and fully versed in the teachings of cinema, so be prepared to argue the merits of Michael Bay films as soon as you walk through the door.

The Riverview Theater, Minneapolis.

The Riverview Theater.jpg

A pure slice of Americana that instantly warms anyone who has the honor to enter. It is stark reminder of ’50s America but is still highly modern and whose auditorium glows with comfort and style. Unfortunatlely the titular river isn’t within a close vicinity of the cinema, so don’t bring your towel and trunks.

Film Forum, New York.

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Being the most cultured and artistic city in the world comes with its benefits. There are hundreds of cinemas available for the locals to use, but the Film Forum in West Village is the perfect destination for any big apple cinephile. Indie, foreign and arthouse films are constantly show here and its mini festivals have become infamous around the world. Still looks like a meat packing plant from the outside, though.