Oktoberfest started in Munich, Germany with a royal wedding in 1810. It then evolved into an agriculture show and slowly morphed into a three-week binge drinking holiday celebrated around the world. People want to get their drink on so bad that Oktoberfest starts in the middle of September and ends on the first Sunday of October. A special fall-season strong beer is brewed for the celebration and it is called, shockingly enough, Oktoberfest. If seven million liters of this stuff is served every year, you might as well keep it simple. Drink away that oncoming seasonal depression with six of the best Oktoberfest beers out there.


Portsmouth Oktoberfest

New Englanders know how to drink cold weather beer and Portstmouth Brewing in Portsmouth, New Hampshire proves that. This copper colored beer pours with a finger of white head that bubbles away quickly. The aroma has hints of toffee and the taste has a toasty malt profile with a bit of caramel sweetness in the background. Easy to drink so you can catch up if you didn’t pre-game for Oktoberfest.


Black Oak Organic Oktoberfest

Ontario, Canada gives us Black Oak Brewing and their organic Oktoberfest. This medium bodied, ruby colored boasts more character than most Marzen of Oktoberfest beers. The beer boasts a bready mouth-feel and a slight floral aftertaste. The head leaves a lace on the glass so you can keep track of how big your gulps are.


Dam Straight Lager

Colorado gives us Dam Straight Brewery and their lighter lager take on Oktoberfest beer. It’s a sparkling clean golden brown lager with a touch of malt and almost no aftertaste. Perfect for that warm-fall-sun-day drinking.


Duck-Rabbit Marzen

This deep ruby-red and brown Marzen surprisingly has no sediment to accompany the color. The carbonation explodes then dies to a nice lace ring to let your glass know you’re drinking beer. Hops hit your nose like an IPA but the mouth-feel is bread and caramel. Duck-Rabbit Brewing from North Carolina, you’ve done well.



Staghorn Oktoberfest

New Glarus Brewing from Wisconsin hits you with a light, sweet-hop and citrus Oktoberfest beet. If you lean toward something like Blue Moon, then this Oktoberfest beer is for you. It pours a pale orange with very little foam. It’s another warm fall day-drinking option due to its light body.


Woodcut Number 4

This beer pours with a chunky, frothy head that guards a dark ruby beer. You can smell fall in the autumnal spice and woody-oak aroma. The taste hits you with a wood profile along with some caramel, nut, toffee, cinnamon and brown sugar. It’s definitely designed to warm you on cold mountain nights as it hales from Colorado.