Every bachelor pad needs a coffee table to really tie the room together. Without it, where will you place your cup of coffee, discard your magazines, or rest your weary legs? But of course this table needs to be pretty spectacular otherwise you run the risk of looking like a complete loser. Struggling to find something? Don’t worry yourself anymore. Here are six of the coolest coffee tables for every bachelor pad.



Guitar Coffee Table. We all like to think we’re rock stars even though most of us wouldn’t recognize rhythm if it hit us in the face. This guitar coffee table will make you feel like a hero and instantly show new arrivals to your home that you love to rock-out. It also looks rather cool too, which helps.


iPhone Coffee Table. It’s official, the iPhone has taken over the world. Conversations have dried up with iPhoners now spending every waking hour with these overly smart pieces of technology glued to their hands. Tuan Nguyen and Ken Thomas have decided to create a coffee table which honors Apple’s product and it possesses removable, usable coasters that are built-in to the piece of furniture.


Aquarium Coffee Table. Seeing water and fish in unrecognizable places is a hoot. It just is. It’s an unexplainable occurrence but just seeing gormless goldfish swim around not knowing where they are and realizing why people are pointing and laughing at them is funny. So an aquarium coffee table is the perfect place to rest your cups, feet and books but make sure you find out how to feed the fish before you leave the store. Otherwise you’ll just be watching your new pets die a slow and painful death.


Multimedia Coffee Table. Everything needs to possess easy internet access nowadays, otherwise how are you going to keep up to date with all of your friends’ activities? Actually speak to them? Don’t be silly. This Stealth multimedia coffee table has a multimedia screen, speakers, bluetooth, and email facilities and will probably mean that you won’t leave your seat for years.


Wireless Angular Coffee Table. Looking for a retro look to your home? Well this wireless angular coffee table gives off a 1960s feel and possess a built-in magazine loop where you can keep your magazines as well as several draws for your spare bits. A great addition to your vintage home.


Ice Cube Coffee Table. This table will instantly grab the attention of any person who walks into your room. Made entirely from mirrored glass this reflects everything in it’s vicinity and would suit any style of home. It’s reflective glow even gives off a stance and alluring ambiance.