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Who among us hasn’t dreamed of becoming a great ladies’ man? What could be better than finding that nearly every woman you come across wants to go to bed with you. In most cases, it helps if you are something of a celebrity because that means more men‘ class=’linkify’ target=’_blank’>women know who you are. If you have that special something—the Kavorka, according to Seinfeld’s Kramer—you have a chance to rank as one of the great ladies’ men of all-time.

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Clark Gable — When the phrase is “leading man,” it’s hard not to picture Gable. The star of the “Gone With The Wind” was defined by his confidence, swagger and handsome face. There is no doubt that he was wanted and desired by women. Many of the top starlets in Hollywood history were his conquests. Some of them included Mamie Van Doren, Veronica Lake, Joan Crawford, Claudette Colbert, Carol Lombard, Grace Kelly and Lana Turner. While Gable died in 1960, his legend lives on.

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Warren Beatty — One of the most legendary lovers in Hollywood history. Beatty was a late starter for someone who developed into one of the greatest ladies’ men in history. Biographer Peter Biskind says Beatty didn’t bed his first woman until the age of 19, but he didn’t slow down in finding new lovers until he married Annette Benning in 1991. Biskind used rudimentary calculations to say that Beatty had sex with more than 12,000 women. While that figure is probably exaggerated, Beatty’s talent at corralling women has never been disputed.

Wilt Chamberlain — When Wilt Chamberlain’s basketball career is examined, it’s clear that he ranks with the greatest players who have ever competed in the sport. If he’s not the best ever, most rank him as no worse than the number three player of all-time behind Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. However, when his 1991 biography came out, the perception of Chamberlain changed dramatically. He claimed that he had slept with more than 20,000 women in his life, averaging 1.2 women per day since his 15th birthday. Many disputed his claim, but it’s clear that Chamberlain was one of the most prolific lovers of the 20th century.


Derek Jeter — Jeter is the captain of the New York Yankees and just being in that position affords him to meet many incredible women. Jeter has been linked to dozens of Hollywood starlets and his on-again, off-again relationship with actress Minka Kelly indicates that he is able to get the most desirable women in the world. He has been linked to half of Hollywood’s female population and and a good portion of New York’s most desirable females as well. Jeter is known for charming the women he meets and treating them well on all occasions.

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Jack Nicholson — The world’s most famous Los Angeles Lakers fan and one of the greatest actors in Hollywood has been known for his ability to squire women around the world with impunity. While he has slowed down since reaching the age of 70, Nicholson has been linked with the finest and most beautiful women in Hollywood. Some of the women that Nicholson has been associated with include Joni Mitchell, Kelly LeBrock, Candice Bergen, Michelle Phillips, Jill St. John and Rachel Ward.

Robert Wagner — One of thee most handsome leading men in Hollywood, Wagner was a big-time star in the 1950s and 1960s. He was linked with many of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, including Marilyn Monroe, Debbie Reynolds, Joan Collins, Susan Hayward and Jill St. John. He will forever be linked with the stunning Natalie Wood, who died tragically in 1981. Wagner and Wood were married to each other on two occasions.