Everybody has at some point in their education developed a crush on a certain teacher. It’s as important a part of your adolescence as smoking your first cigarette, kissing your first girl or being embarrassed about your terrible excuse for a body. You ask anyone and they will remember the name of the teacher, the subject they taught and the terrible pain of loneliness that jolted through their body when it was explained to them that “Mrs.” meant she was already married. Film has always looked to recreate this sensation and is filled with stories about education, with this list of sexy movie teachers bound to make you pray you were back in school.

bad teacher cameron diaz

Cameron Diaz – “Bad Teacher.” Un-amusing? Maybe. Critically panned? Definitely. Cameron Diaz reminding everyone that she is still sexy as hell? Absolutely. “Bad Teacher” is as memorable as an algebra test but the sight of Cameron Diaz walking down the corridors was enough to maintain the attention of any bored viewer. When she dresses herself in a pair of hot pants to wash cars for a school fundraiser to seduce Justin Timberlake, almost every father in the audience crossed their fingers for a school car wash at their local elementary school.

michelle pfeiffer dangerous minds

Michelle Pfeiffer – “Dangerous Minds.” Despite having the most complicated name in cinema, Michelle Pfeiffer used to be seen as box office gold. Pfeiffer portrays Lou Anne Johnson as a likable and encouraging teacher, but despite not ever appearing overtly sexy her natural beauty transfixes your attention throughout and reminds you of all those scholars who helped to mold you through your studies.


Tina Fey – “Mean Girls.” The funniest woman on television even managed to make Lindsay Lohan watchable in this cult comedy classic from 2004. Fey is eternally lovable as the clumsy Ms. Norbury, who attempts to keep Lohan’s “Cady Heron” on the straight and narrow, even revealing her bra to her surprised students, but the adulation of audiences worldwide.

rushmore olivia williams

Olivia Williams – “Rushmore.” It was Olivia’s tender British accent and innocent beauty that made Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman both fall in love with her. The scene in which she intimately describes how she would have sex with Schwartzman’s Max shattered all these illusions and showed a dark side that you hope every teacher possesses.

bridgette wilson billy madison

Bridgette Wilson – “Billy Madison.” Adam Sandler’s raucous comedy sees his imbecile eponymous character re-enter school so that he can inherit his father’s business. It’s Bridgette’s character Veronica Vaughn who truly teaches him the way of the world, even playing a strip education game which would surely be a hit across the country.

Penelope Ann Miller Kindergarten Cop

Penelope Ann Miller – “Kindergarten Cop.” Miller’s Joyce Palmieri is able to melt Arnie’s cold dead heart as he goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher in John Reitman’s forgotten classic. It’s her loyalty to her students that really strikes a chord and reminds you why you fell in love with a woman, who probably helped to wipe boogers from your nose.