When it comes to the most collectible beers, there are many different options to choose from. Beer lovers know that there is literally no end to the number of delicious, unique brews out there. However, if you’re looking to start up a beer bottle and can collection, you’re going to need to think beyond taste. From limited quantity beers to seasonal favorites and everything in between, it shouldn’t take you long to start a collection of the most collectible beers that your beer-loving friends are sure to envy!


Historical cans and bottles. Like any other piece of history, historical cans and bottles of beer can make great additions to your most collectible beers. These can be tough to find, but when you do find them, hold on for dear life! Not only are these fun to collect, but they can also be worth quite a bit of money. For example, the the Gottfried Krueger Brewing Co. of Newark, New Jersey introduced the first ever canned beer. You better believe this would be a historical can worth having in your collection!


Fall Favorites. Your most collectible beers are not complete without a few fall releases of pumpkin beer. For example, you can look forward to the fall release of Punkin Ale by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. Remember, fall favorites are only available for a few months out of the year, so don’t miss your chance to add a few to your beer collection each season!


Holiday Beers. There’s no better way to welcome the winter holiday season than with good beer! Holiday releases are great additions to any beer collection because they’re fun to pick out at the store, to drink and to collect! Just a few great options to add to your most collectible beers include Great Lakes Christmas Ale, Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale and Deschutes Jubelale. Bottoms up!


Limited quantity brews. Limited quantity brews are collectible because they’re just that: limited! One beer-lovers favorite limited brew from recent years was Lagunitas Sucks by Lagunitas Brewing Company. This special batch of  brew was well known because it was a replacement for Lagunita’s regular holiday release Brown Shugga‘ Ale. The brewer ran out of capacity for their regular seasonal ale and so they released Lagunita’s Sucks as a limited quantity brew. And it was the most delicious mistake any company has ever made!


Special occasions beers. Special occasions aren’t just for wine anymore! Beer enthusiasts everywhere are now celebrating special occasions from weddings to birthdays to anniversaries to New Year’s with their favorite brew, rather than a bottle of wine. And your most collectible beers wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t collect your favorite beers to celebrate with. Need a starting point? Try Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout, a rich imperial stout that’s great for any occasion!


Specific variety beers. There are all sorts of beer varieties to choose from for your most collectible beers! A few popular varieties include IPA, stout, English ale, pilsner, Belgian, lager and many more! You can focus your most collectible beers on your favorite beer variety, or you can collect them all!