Things Girls Care About

Your chances of dating that hot chick—or any woman for that matter—are likely to go down the tubes if you take an approach that falls into six of the worst ways to ask someone out. The most effective way to ask someone out is typically to take a deep breath, be yourself and let your natural charm shine through. The worst ways to ask someone out typically include trying too hard to be clever, cavalier or someone you’re not.

The Sex Fiend.


The sex fiend approach is not only one of the worst ways to ask someone out, but it could also get you a slap across the face—and with good reason. Sex fiend approaches include anything that boldly proclaims the only reason you want to date this woman is to get her in the sack. “Want to go out and have sex after dinner?” and “I need to ravage your flesh” are prime examples.

The Cocky Slug.

cocky guy.JPG

Coming across as God’s gift to women is another likely date breaker. One of the worst ways to ask someone out is definitely approaching her with a cocky attitude that implies she’d be a fool not to date you. Examples include: “You’d be stupid not to go out with me,” and “You’re the lucky gal who I’m going to date next.”

The Wishy-Washy Worm.


Having absolutely no confidence when asking someone out is nearly as bad as having too much. Staring at the floor, shuffling your feet and nervously picking your nose as you approach a woman are sure signs of wishy-washiness. Avoid lines such as “I know you are going to say because no one wants to go out with me but do you want to go to dinner?”

The Caveman.


Calling all the shots as if you are some kind of undeveloped caveman looking for a mate. It falls into one of the worst ways to ask someone out for being both un-suave and unsavory. “Me, Tarzan. You, Jane. We, dinner tonight” or any variations of such is taboo. This approach gets even worse if you pull her off the barstool by her hair.

The Played Out Pickup.

The Played Out Pickup.jpg

Please keep the tired old pickup lines at home if you want to improve your chances of taking a hot date on the town. Any inquiry prefaced with, “What’s your sign,” “Do you come here often?” and “What’s a nice girl like you doing in a dump like this,” fall into this category.

Any Obvious Pickup. Even if you think your pickup line is something new, crafty or clever, women can sniff out a bad pickup line a mile away. Using them to initiate a date remains one of the worst ways to ask someone out. Examples include lines from movies, songs or TV commercials, such as: “Come on baby light my fire,” and “Can I squeeze your Charmin?”