With summer at full throttle, your hormones raging and the sun kissing your skin, there’s only one things left to do. You know what it is, too-something every guy and girl secretly hope to do at least once-outdoor sex. Just imagine, nature all around, birds chirping, the sun on your skin, you and your partner doing the most natural thing known to man-what’s not to love? To make your outdoor sexual experience the best it can be, look to our six tips for outdoor sex to guide you on your way to an outdoor orgasm!


Pick a place away from public areas.  We cannot stress this enough! A lot of the time, people pick places that are in public parks and beaches, which tend to be close to other people. Just because the spot is off of a path in the park where nobody is at that time doesn’t mean somebody won’t stumble upon you. Although it’s not illegal, if the person catching you takes offense and reports it, you’ll have to pay a heavy fine. Also, you just don’t want to be one of those people who get caught by a kid! You’ll be on the sex offenders list for the rest of your life! Pick a place far away from people, a secluded part of the beach, your backyard or deep in the woods during camping.


Take a blanket. We all know that sex usually takes you away from real life responsibilities, causing you to forget the important stuff and your surroundings, but you’ll be in nature! You cannot forget how many bugs and creepy, crawly critters there are. Also, its never fun to have sex on the cold hard dirt and scratchy grass. If you’re not already out there camping, take two blankets; one to spread on the ground and one to cover yourselves with when you’re done.


Use plenty of bug repellent. So you’re having the best sex of your life and so is your partner. You’re about to finish, then you feel a deep stinging sensation on your behind: a mosquito. Not only does it throw you off your game, ruining your outdoor sexual experience, but it also stings for days after! Whatever you prefer-lotion, spray or electronic ways of repelling bugs-be sure to use something to keep the blood-suckers away!


Don’t forget the sunscreen! It feels good to be out in the sun, getting tanned; it almost feels like the sun is warming up your heart. But it doesn’t feel good to be sun burned, with blisters and peeling skin! It also won’t look good in twenty years when you have a ton of wrinkles on your body. Well, that’s what sun damage does to you. Before you start to have sex, make sure you and your partner put on lots of sunscreen to protect yourself. Hell, you could even think of it as foreplay and put the lotion on each other!


Take food and water. No matter where you are, sex takes a lot out of you (literally and mentally). If you’re on the beach, in the wilderness or even in your own backyard, it is no fun to be panting on the ground with no water in sight. Running around looking for food and water will take all the fun out of your activity. We suggest you take lots of water and keep it handy. Also take food-refreshing food like fruit, cold sandwiches and anything else that will help you get your energy back. With more energy you can get it on again, or start the journey back home.


Pack paper towels, band-aids, and water to rinse off with. Sex is a messy business. There’s so much body fluid exchanged that people usually take showers shortly after sex. Its no fun to be sweaty and dirty and put on your clothes again. We’d advise you to take extra water and paper towels to rinse off with. Also pack some band-aids and first aid amenities for an emergency. You should be having sex without worrying about anything else around you.