Last week I talked about hating the term “sleeper” and I gave you a few undervalued players that can help you win your league. The flip side of “sleeper” is “bust,” And it’s just as lame a term. “Overvalued” is much better and another key to success. Fantasy Football is a lot like dating: Avoiding the bad choices can be just as important as picking the winners.

Guessing which Bronco ball carrier will be the chosen one each week will be maddening. I’ve got news for you, Mr. Fantasy Football Owner: Coach John Fox really does hate you.

Let’s be clear, though. These players aren’t necessarily bad players. They’ll just cost you more than they’re worth, whether it’s a draft spot or an auction price. I’ll let you make your own dating analogy there. Without further ado, here are six players we here at Footballguys believe can derail your fantasy team. You’ll be glad you read it… when you’re not the guy dating Miss Hot Psycho.

Any Steelers Running Back Not Named Le’Veon Bell
A few weeks ago, Le’Veon Bell was the guy we hoped nobody would talk about. The Steelers lost WR Mike Wallace and we had visions of Pittsburgh returning to the Jerome Bettis-style with Bell grinding away. Bell appeared to have little competition in the backfield and was primed for success. Until he injured his foot and we’re now back to the underachieving hot mess of Isaac Redman, LaRod Stephens-Howling and new acquisition Felix Jones. Avoid all these guys and wait for Bell to return, which could happen as early as Week 2.

Any Broncos Running Back
Are Montee Ball and Ronnie Hillman talented players? Will Denver running backs be productive? Does Knowshon Moreno have one of the best names in Football? The answer is absolutely yes to all three questions. But guessing which Bronco ball carrier will be the chosen one each week will be maddening. Seriously, save yourself the heartache and look elsewhere. I’ve got news for you, Mr. Fantasy Football Owner: Coach John Fox really does hate you.

Never trust a guy in a white turtleneck. Just saying.

Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay Packers
Easy, Packers Fans. Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in football. And he’s the most important player in Green Bay. If you’re trying to win the Lombardi Trophy, he’s your guy. If you’re trying to win your Fantasy League Super Bowl… he’s not that big of a deal. Sorry. The truth is that in a 12-team league that starts one quarterback each week, Rodgers just won’t distance himself far enough from the rest of the QB pack to justify the top 20 pick he’ll likely be. Let the guy with the foam cheese triangle on his head go for Rodgers while you grab a top RB or WR. Then take Tony Romo, Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson much later.

Wes Welker, WR, Denver Broncos
Welker’s a great example of what I’m talking about here with good players being overvalued. I love Wes Welker. I think he’ll be fine in Denver and maybe even better than fine. But his actual production just doesn’t match his reputation and draft position. Let’s face it, Welker’s a 5’ 9” 190-pound relatively normal-looking guy running around on a field of physical specimens. He’s an easy guy to root for as the average Fantasy Owner looks at him and says, “I could do that.’ Two things: 1. No, you can’t. 2. Winning fantasy football isn’t about picking players you can relate to.

Eric Decker, WR, Denver Broncos
I realize this is sounding like a Bronco Hatefest.  And there’s a reason for that. The Broncos are absolutely loaded with weapons. This is fantastic for their fans and for Peyton Manning. But it’s my understanding the league has denied Denver’s request to let Manning have three footballs to throw on every play. He’s limited to just one and that means some really good players, like Decker, won’t see enough balls come their way. Make no mistake, this offense will be great and these guys will produce. But they will individually be overvalued in most leagues.

Antonio Gates, TE, San Diego Chargers
Fantasy owners seem to struggle with both ends of the memory spectrum. They either forget too quickly or they hold on too long. Putting too much faith in geriatric Antonio Gates is an example of the latter. And it’s time face the facts: He’s in steep decline and way too many owners are glossing over it. Plus his quarterback throws like Uncle Rico.


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