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We all know that Valentine’s Day is no different than any other day, whether you’re dating or not—for instance, do you really think attached people enjoy, say, a Wednesday—or Memorial Day—any more than single people do? Of course not. But sometimes The Man can make you think you should be bummed out by not having a valentine. Don’t fall into that trap; being single of Valentine’s Day isn’t pathetic! Happiness isn’t, nor should it ever be, dependent upon one’s relationship status. So let’s take this opportunity to celebrate all the reasons why Valentine’s Day can be one of the greatest days of your life—even if you’re single.

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Being single on Valentine’s Day is so much less stressful than being attached. When you’re in a relationship, there’s always that pressure to buy just the right gift. Even if your significant other doesn’t frown over those dozen long-stemmed ruby red roses, you might still be left wondering if she really wanted jewelry instead. No shopping equals no stress.

More money in your wallet. Sure, you can get away with buying your woman cheap, sticky, heart-shaped candy. However, if you do so, she may start to think of you as a cheapskate. Go ahead and buy yourself something nice on February 14 instead, without feeling one ounce of guilt. And by all means, spend that hard earned cash on something manly.

More free time. Even if the one you love doesn’t desire expensive gifts, she will likely still require a lot of your time on that day. Woman may say they mainly want quality time, but if you don’t also give them large quantities of your time, you might end up spending time in the doghouse. Is your favorite basketball team playing on February 14? Great! Watch it in your underwear, buddy. You deserve it.

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Being single and miserable on Valentine’s Day is your choice, not your destiny. People give movie storylines far too much credit. Movies and TV sitcoms want men to believe that single-ness is directly linked to misery—especially during the holidays. However, you can have a great day on Valentine’s Day, and every other day of the year, if you simply put your mind to it. There may be a genre called reality TV, but TV is certainly not reality.

Being single on Valentine’s Day is empowering because it gives you the chance to stand up to the greeting card industry. While there’s nothing wrong with celebrating romantic love, everybody knows that without Valentine’s Day, greeting card companies wouldn’t sell nearly as many mushy cards. If greeting cards could get away with it, they’d probably sell Saturday cards, and special cards for every other day of the week. Ah, but we don’t need no stinkin‘ cards!

Being single on Valentine’s Day is one more day for freedom of choice. Maybe you’re not quite ready for a serious relationship. Perhaps you don’t want a whole lot of drama in your life. Being single on Valentine’s Day means you can put off all the emotional baggage associated with romantic attachments. Besides, you have enough problems already, right? Bob Marley probably didn’t exactly mean it this way, but no woman, no cry.