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Meeting your girlfriend‘s dad can be one of the more anxiety filled scenarios you’ll ever be a part of. A girl’s father is her number one protector, that is until some guy marries her. And even then, he’ll still be there with a shotgun and shovel in hand if need be. But that’s just it. Once you realize the reasons behind your potential father-in-law being a hard ass,that intimidation he has over you should change. A mutual respect should begin to form between the two of you. You shouldn’t be intimidated by your girlfriend’s dad, and here are six reasons why.

A father is a protector. You’d be the same way if you had a daughter. You wouldn’t want her to be with just any loser off the street would you? Well, neither does your girlfriend’s dad. He wants to make sure your mission is aligned with his own, that is, the preservation and spoiling of his daughter. There’s no need to be intimidated, just show the guy she’s in good hands.

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Deep down, he wants to like you. He can’t outwardly show it, but he doesn’t want to throw you out with yesterday’s garbage. He knows his daughter has feelings for you. He’s hoping you’ll be a good guy. He’s hoping you’ll do right by his baby girl. Secretly, he’s hoping you’ll take over the reigns as far as being her primary protector. But, he can’t make it easy on you. He has to make you work for it. He has to be sure you want it.

He was once you. Meeting your girlfriend’s father is something you just have to do at some point, especially if you want to be with her. He had to do the same. He had the same fear you now have when he was courting his wife. It’s sort of a rite of passage for all guys. You can believe that he realizes this fact as well. Because of this, he’s going to be hard on you. He’s going to try to drag you through the flames to test your resolve. Once again, he wants to make sure you’re heart and mind are properly invested in his daughter.

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He’s intimidated by you. One of the reasons this guy has to put on such a hard front is because you make him nervous. Think about it. His daughter must really like you to bring you around. The fact that she takes you serious (well, enough to introduce you to her family) makes him a bit edgy. He doesn’t want his daughter’s heart broken, and he doesn’t want to include a weak link in the chain of his family structure. But, he realizes his daughter likes you, therefore he’s going to have to give you a chance.

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He’s still a man. And so are you. Don’t spend your time being intimidated by the guy. Find common ground with him. After all you’re both guys. And as such, you two should be able to bond at some point. Play your cards right. Show him you’re serious about his daughter, and you’ll find yourself another buddy to hang out with. It’s up to you to sell yourself. So make it good.

You guys have the same goal. You both love his daughter. You both want the best for her. As long as this remains true, you have no need to be intimidated by the guy. As long as you’re not a total douche bag, and you keep her happy, he can’t help but start to like you at some point. Just play it cool. Be open and honest, and you’ll see that you have no reason to fear your girlfriend’s father.