Seems like we’ve been hearing about a lot of animal attacks lately. We’re not quite sure what we did to piss these creatures off, but not all the news is so grim. Witness the following signs that some animals are smarter—or at least goofier—than we might think.

A Parrot Might Be a Murder Witness  
Last month a Michigan man was found dead in his house. His wife was also found, wounded but alive. According to Bud, their African Gray Parrot, this was no accident. A video taken weeks after the murder shows Bud reciting the argument that took place right before the murder. In the video Bud keeps repeating “Don’t f***ing shoot”. This is believed to be the man’s last words to his wife before she shot him. We really can’t wait for this bird to take the stand.

A Dog Becomes a Superhero
Dogs truly are man’s best friend—some more than others. In June of 2014, Sako, a four-year-old king shepherd, saved a teenage boy’s life. When Joseph Phillips-Garcia was thrown from a car during an accident, Sako didn’t leave his side. The dog kept the boy warm at night, dragged him to find water, and even went as far as fighting off coyotes. Philips-Garcia and his loyal companion were found alive 40 hours later. Sako received a medal for his actions and was inducted into the Animal Hall of Fame.

A Crocodile Makes a Strange Bedfellow
Crocodiles are creeping up on us. Three years ago, a man named Guy Whittal thought he would have a nice night at the Humani Lodge in Zimbabwe. Little did he know that 8 hours into his stay he would find a surprise under his bed. The next morning, while in the kitchen, Guy heard the housekeeper scream. He then ran in to find an eight-foot crocodile just kinda chilling under his bed.

A Monkey Takes a Job
As reported several years ago in Dhenkanal, a monkey became the daytime nanny for the son of Rohit and Kamalini Khuntia. Every morning the monkey would arrive, watch and play games with the baby. The house became a tourist attraction for people wanting to see the bond between the baby and the monkey. And as far as we know, the monkey did not grow up to be the one who caused that huge blackout in Kenya.

A Bear Stops a Delivery
While a mail carrier was trying to deliver a package in Vancouver two years ago, he came across a strange obstacle. Matthew Fane returned home later that day expecting to see the package, but saw a Canada Post Note instead. The note simply read “Bear at door.” Fair enough, Mr. Postman, fair enough!

A Pig Saves Lives
Two years ago in Mount Carmel, Illinois, Ina Farler was woken up by the family pig, Lucky. It was 4:40 a.m.  and Lucky was jumping around like crazy. When Farler finally woke she noticed the room was full of smoke. She quickly grabbed her grandkids and they escaped the fire. It is safe to say they got Lucky.