You can rip the petals off a daisy, flip a coin or ask your best bud to find out if a woman is interested in you. Or you can keep a keen eye on her body language and behavior for some subtle signs of her interest that you could easily miss. Paying such acute attention to your date can help you pick up these not-so-obvious signs of being smitten, and it can also do double-duty as a sign that you are an attentive date. If she was not interested from the get-go, being so dang attentive just might win her heart.

The mimic. When yours and your date’s steps become aligned, or you both start to take a bite of dinner at the same time, that gal is probably into you. Mimicking your behavior is a subconscious thing women do when they are interested. The mimic is not mimicking in the making fun way, like when a long-term girlfriend starts imitating your whining during a fight, but a subtle copying of your moves and behavior.

head tilt.jpg

The head tilt. A woman tilting her head can be more than a sign that she has water in her ear. A slight tilt often means she’s interested in you. We’re not talking about a tilting in all directions like a bobble head doll, but rather holding her head at a slight angle in any direction, an indication she wants to learn more.

The touchy-feely. Grabbing at your crouch is an obvious sign she’s interested-or a total whore. Touching your arm lightly, subtle brushing up against you or even twirling her own hair in a touchy-feely way are less obvious signs she’s interested that you might miss. This does not count if she’s pulling a wad of chewing gum out of her tresses.

hand on thigh.jpg

Big, fat lips and eyelids. A big, fat grin can be a dead giveaway that a woman is interested in you, but more subtle signs show up on other areas of her face. A woman’s lips and eyelids tend to enlarge when she’s aroused thanks to the higher amounts of blood that come pumping into her head. And you thought collagen implants could make lips so sultry!

Big, fat pupils. If a gal has dilated pupils, it does not always means she’s strung out on meth. It could mean she’s strung out on you. Pupils become enlarged when someone wants to see more of a good thing. You should still check to make sure she still has all her teeth, however, just so you can fully rule out a meth problem.


A real laugh. Gals can giggle at your bad jokes all night long in the hopes of a second date, but if she’s really interested in you, her laugh will be as sincere as her dilated pupils. A weak tee-hee doesn’t cut it, but an all-out, shake-the-rafters laugh does. This woman is not only interested in you, she actually finds your personality amusing and is comfortable enough to let it all hang out, so to speak, with an authentic guffaw.