There are at least six slutty Halloween costumes women wear that men hate. Just because an outfit shows some skin doesn’t mean you’re going to find it appealing. If your girlfriend or wife asks what she should wear to this year’s Halloween party, be prepared to stay away from these six slutty costumes that you’re likely to hate.


Lady Gaga. Sure, Lady Gaga might have her appeal, but this is certainly not a costume you want to see a woman in. Lady Gaga shows off lots of skin in skimpy outfits, but her crazy style and downright weird fashion are likely to be just slutty, not sexy.


Alice in Wonderland. Alice can easily be made sexy: a short skirt, a blond wig, some red lipstick. But let’s not forget that Alice was much too young in the classic children’s story to be considered sexy. This means that a slutty Alice would just be creepy.


Amy Winehouse. There’s no denying that this singer was sexy, and a Halloween costume to replicate her look could certainly be considered slutty. However, her recent death in 2011 is enough to make men hate this costume choice. How can you enjoy the sexy with that much sadness attached to it?


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Sexy Animal. This could include cat, mouse, fox or a whole range of critters. This might sound fine in theory, and some slutty animal costumes are just fine. But if the woman takes it too far, adding realistic animal skins or furs to the outfit, it quickly goes from sex-appeal to just plain wrong.


Avatar. Everyone remembers those weird looking blue guys from the over-the-top sci-fi movie. They appeared to be basically unclothed with blue skin complete with tiger stripes. While the concept of a skin-tight blue body suit might seem appealing, men are likely to hate this slutty Halloween costume once the woman paints her face and hands blue. Somehow, this costume just ends up a little too freaky.


Rainbow Bright. This slutty Halloween costume falls right in line with an Alice in Wonderland costume. It’s slutty, sure, with a mini skirt and high heels. But if you start thinking that Rainbow Bright looks hot, you’re going to start feeling like a creepy pervert. And nobody wants that on Halloween.