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It doesn’t take much to get a military wife crying. The right tune with the right lyrics (namely a song about a soldier’s tragic end), and the waterworks start flowing. But the six songs on this list are a cut above the rest. They’re good tunes in their own right, and their underlying stories tug at the hearts of even the most hardened Marine girlfriend. The majority of them are country songs because country music is, by far, the most patriotic music genre. However, they’re all tear-jerkers.

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“Billy Don’t Be A Hero” by Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods. In this one, Billy is a troop member that just won’t listen to his girl back home. She begs him to be safe, but he disobeys her and endangers his life for his country. In other words, he plays the hero. This makes her cry, and will also make marine girlfriends cry just as much. For many, this song is a guilty pleasure because it was kind of a bubble gum song back in the ‘70s. The melody, though, is just so darn catchy, which makes it difficult not to love.

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“The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” by The Band. This is a song about the Civil War. It probably will make Southern marine girlfriends cry more than others. Nevertheless, the lyric about one side losing the war is certain to make many war torn folks weep. In fact, with the large number of people that died during the Civil War, a lot of people shed a lot of tears because this war affected everybody. Don’t miss the Joan Baez cover of this song, either. It’s worth searching out.


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“Danny Boy” -Traditional Irish Melody. Here’s a song you’ll likely hear every St. Patrick’s Day. Even if your name isn’t Danny, you can relate. Marine girlfriends will simply fill in the name of their beau and tear-up just the same. It has a sad, Irish melody, and never fails to get the waterworks flowing.



“Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town” by Kenny Rogers. This tearjerker tells the story of a man who has been handicapped by the war. He wants to hold on to his girl, Ruby, but he knows full well that she will get impatient and want/need a ‘whole’ man. These things happen in war. Marine girlfriends will get sad from hearing this tune. Or, they may just go to town, party-up and forget about it.



“Travelin’ Soldier,” Dixie Chicks. A soldier’s life is a hard life. This song by the three country gals tells the sad tale of one soldier’s travels. It’ll make both marine girlfriends and actual marines cry a bit. It’s too bad the Dixie Chicks got on the bad side of conservative country music fans because it’d sure be great to hear them on the radio again.



“8thOf November” by Big & Rich. This song features angels crying. If even the angels are blubbering, you can bet that any Marine girlfriend will be weeping along in no time at all. Set in Vietnam, it tells the story of a young man from South Dakota, forced to fight in a war. When his brothers in arms get swept away by the enemy, it’s one sad song moment.