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When a woman smiles at you and caresses herself, that’s usually a sign that she digs you, right? Not necessarily. It depends on how she’s smiling and what she’s caressing. If her smile is one of those fake grins, she’s stroking her neck or she exhibits several other subtle signs, she could be saying she’s simply not interested. You’ll do well to pick up on the less-obvious signs of her disinterest in case the woman is just being super polite or you are too dense to miss the non-subtle signs, like her slamming your face with her pocketbook.

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The faux smile. A smile is not always a good thing, as a fake one can indicate a woman is just not interested. Fake smiles typically take on the form of a tight, forced grin, as if she just ate a wad of lemons and is trying hard not to vomit. A big, toothy grin with her chin tilted slightly upward is equally as bad. Such a smile usually comes if she’s merely being polite and is anything but happy in your company.

The way she talks. One-word answers can show impatience with your presence, or you not even being worth any more effort than a “yes” or “no” takes. A fast-talking spiel can be equally as detrimental for your chances. If she keeps up a rapid conversation pace, she is subconsciously keeping the pace of a friendly or business conversation. Romantic convos are generally slow and sultry, or at least a bit less harried than a 30-second elevator pitch.

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The neck stroke. Stroking her neck does not always mean the woman slept in an awkward position, it can also mean she’s lying to you. If she strokes her neck while she says how much she enjoys your company, you can probably bet it’s the latter. On the other hand, if she strokes her neck and says how much it hurts and would you mind rubbing it for her after dinner at her place, the neck stroke can be a good sign.

The barrier. If you sit down next to her, and she immediately moves across the room, your date is not going well. If she stays next to you but crosses her arms or sets up her purse as a barrier, you’re not doing much better. Even if the woman doesn’t realize it, she’s placing a wall between you and her, and that wall is not meant to be crossed, regardless if it’s made of leather or arm bone.

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The eye contact-or lack thereof. You can pretty much figure a woman is not interested in you if she spends the entire conversation staring at her shoes. But even if she looks in your general direction, not looking you straight in the eye can be a prime indication that you are not her type. If she converses while looking at your shoulder, your hands, or if she develops an intense fascination with the tablecloth, it might be time to go home alone.

The energy level. Even if the woman is spewing out words at a fever pitch, if she comments about how exhausted she is, she is probably not interested. When people are ga-ga about each other, or at least interested, they typically get a burst of energy that can outweigh fatigue. Her yawns are not a good sign of a burst coming anytime soon, unless it’s her bursting out the exit door in relief.