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Social events at which everyone actually shows face are few and far between these days, but your buddies will always turn up for that team you’ve been rooting for together since day one—the underdogs. Still, what good is a game without a pre-game? No good at all. Here’s how to tailgate like a champ, even if your boys play more like chumps.

1. Choose cans instead of bottles.
Hopefully the weather will be forgiving. And, if it is, you’ll want to be drinking out of a dark can that’ll keep the sunlight from skunking your beer or flattening your soda.

2. Set up an awning.
Tailgating is very much about declaring your space in the parking lot. Own it. Make it yours. Make it known. Get yourself an awning that extends out from the roof of your car so opposing fans will know that everything shaded is your territory.

3. Line the trunk with a tarp.
You don’t want to be scrubbing hot sauce from the car’s carpet or finding sunflower seed shells in every crevice. When you put the backseats down, line the trunk of your car with a tarp before unloading all your grilling gear. When it’s time to go home, you can simply brush it off or roll it all up and toss the whole thing.

4. Keep the windows cracked.
Car interiors can heat up fast when sitting under the sun. Keep the windows cracked just a bit to let a breeze through and keep any stored drinks from turning lukewarm.

5. Put lids on everything.
Putting lids on your food will help keep it warm, ward off bugs and prevent you from dumping cheesy nachos or the chilly bowl all over your car seats.

6. Jar crunchy foods.
Don’t want your all of your chips getting crushed on the ride over? Keep crumbs to a minimum by jarring all your crunchy foods so they are packable and practical.

Of course, if you’re tailgating properly, things may still get messy. So let the Turtle Wax hacks in the video below help you clean up the aftermath with the kind of skill you can only dream your team’s QB will one day possess…