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You’re a good guy. You don’t mind being there for your woman. It makes you feel good when she comes to you for help. You don’t care if she asks you for money, time, for you to build something. As a matter of fact, you do it for her without her even having to ask. You may as well be her personal Genie. You’d do anything and everything to keep her happy. But when does it go too far? When does it start to seem like she keeps you around ONLY for the things you do for her? These six tell tale signs you’re being used should not be ignored.

She expects stuff. She’s become accustomed to you doing things for her. Now, any good boyfriend would want to do things for his little snookie wookie, but a good girlfriend isn’t going to expect you to do them. If she gets mad during the few times you couldn’t do her favors, then it’s pretty obvious this girl is using you. Check out an example. You give her money to pay her cell phone bill. The one time you can’t, because you have something else to pay for, she throws a fit. She’s become accustomed to you footing her bill so she isn’t even trying to save the money on her own to pay it. You’re being used.

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She doesn’t talk about you. To her friends that is. If her male friends still hit on her, and her female friends don’t know you, then she has no intention of really being with you. She keeps you around for what you can do, be it sex, being her personal ATM, or what have you. She’s using you.

One sided. If you spoil her and she she doesn’t reciprocate, then she’s using you. A one-sided relationship is just that. It means one person is gaining all the benefits of the relationship while the other person maintains the relationship. If she does nothing for you, at all, you need to move on. Giving someone the sun, moon, and stars only works in movies or cheesy R&B songs.

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Her time. If she makes the major decisions all of the time, then you’re the man version of an accessory. If you go to the plays she wants to see, the movies, the restaurants she wants, and you can’t chime in about a Lakers game, you’re being used. She likes the idea of having a man on her arm, not necessarily you. Any man—as long as he kisses her butt—can take your place.

She doesn’t want to meet your friends. When you’re dating someone in a normal relationship, they’ll eventually want to meet your friends. If she shows no interest in meeting your friends, it means she really has no invested interest in who you are as a complete person. Once again, she’s using you for what she needs and nothing more.

No sex. If you’ve been taking this girl out for months, been fixing her car, buying her stuff, basically being a boyfriend without any of the intimacy, you’re being used. Now, granted some women say they want to wait till marriage. That’s fine. But, if she hasn’t so much as held your hand, kissed you, let you get to second base, and you’ve been “dating” her for six, seven, twelve months… dude you’re being used. Now, man up, take your testicles back and get the hell out of there.