Winter time is a special time of year. The sun stays up for about ten minutes, Santa Claus comes and goes, and the thermostat drops low. And along with winter comes the opportunity for winter trips. Of course, you can’t go on a winter trip with the same equipment that you use during the summer. Shorts and flip flops? Try hypothermia and frostbite. So what things should you bring along for some fun in the snow? Find your answers here with our list of six things every man needs for a winter trip!



1. Real Winter Clothes. Sure, you think you can handle the cold. You’ve got your little jacket and your knit gloves and you think that twenty degrees is cold. Guess what? It gets a lot colder, and your crappy gear won’t cut it. You’re going to want to invest in a quality coat, hat, gloves, and boots. Otherwise you’re going to be so numb that your winter trip is going to be spent indoors.



2. Portable Heater. Not every place you go is going to have all the creature comforts you’d want. Winter resorts might, but a remote cabin may not. And in case there’s no power, you may want to invest in a kerosene heater. After all, shivering in the frigid dark tends to put a damper on your winter trip.



3. Snow Tires. Assuming you’re going to drive on your winter trip, snow tires are quite honestly compulsory. A lot of people, especially from warm climates, tend to neglect snow tires. The result? White-knuckle death drives during untimely snow storms. You want the freedom to get around on your winter trip, so invest in fresh snow tires, otherwise you might be waiting until Spring for your change to go home.



4. Lots of Handwarmers. We mean lots and lots. A suitcase full, maybe. Going to a walk in the winter wonderland? Skiing or snowboarding? Grabbing some wood for the fire? Toss some handwarmers in your pockets. Hey, throw them in your boots, in your scarf, or anywhere else you have room. They’re key for a winter trip, and every man absolutely needs them.



5. A Snow Suit. We covered clothes earlier, sure, but a snow suit is a different animal. While it’s not really something you can just throw on whenever you’d like, there’s no better piece of armor to defend you against the icy arrows of a winter trip. Have you seen a high-quality snow suit lately? People, the future is here, and with it has come snow suits that will keep you so warm and so dry as to make you think you’re on a beach i the summer. You know, minus the gray skies and freezing winds.



6. A Snowmobile. Okay, so maybe it’s not “necessary” in the survival sense. But man, you need one of these babies for your winter trip. Kicking up dusty snow and blasting through the woods with the wind in your face while Mother Nature’s awed by how rad you are is a feeling that every man needs. And come to think of it, in the event of a blizzard, a car is useless. But a snowmobile? Maybe it’s more necessary for your winter trip than we thought!