During the early stages of a relationship, both parties should expect a slip up every now and then, but sometimes the slip up can turn full smack down. Remember the guy who couldn’t handle his own tongue? The same guy who recycled sound? The relationship exterminator, by word alone, otherwise known as the man without a plan?  Don’t be that guy this time around. Experience talks, so be wise and remain the fly guy by avoiding this list of wrong things to say in the early stages of a relationship.

“I love you.”  A real saving grace after a relationship grows, but a true killer if the relationship is at the fetal stage. The saying “I love you, but I’m not in love with you” is an indication that she just wants to be friends. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Love doesn’t just appear, it grows, so give it time.


“Are you sure you’re not gay?” Underlying trust issues?  It is just the early stage of the relationship, and the last thing you want them to debate is whether you can trust their first answer. This is not the kind of question to ask a second time.

“I see how he looks at you.” Tone down the Jersey Shore antics and control that mind. She pumps your ego with confidence during the early stages of the relationship. She looks good next to you!  Don’t let it go to your head.  Jerks, or insecure men, tend to be perfect untrustworthy candidates for noticing others noticing their partner.  Make the “she’s all mine” assumption and prepare for an emotional consequence.

“Oh, Jill!” The moment is sexually charged and heated with passion, but there’s only one problem: her name is Jan. Kiss her goodbye. Absolute dealbreaker!

“Your mother is crazy sexy.”  Oh no, you didn’t! Under no circumstance would a female continue the relationship after hearing that, unless mother and daughter are into swapping. Chances are, they aren’t. This is one of the most risk-taking on this list of wrong things to say to women.

“You’re a mess.” Hey daddy, chill!  So she has some problems in her life-the last thing you want to do is remind her that she’s a mess during the early stages of a relationship. Be positive and less of a father figure. Give her encouragement instead of negativity. And, for the love of Pete, don’t tell her that she’s confused. That just confirms you are. Be the rose that allows the relationship to blossom, and you may just come up with six things to say that are not dealbreakers.