Your stag party is a once-in-a-lifetime deal (hopefully) that sends the groom into wedded bliss. So, make it epic with these six must-haves for every stag party.

Go the Extra Mile

Heading to an amazing location should be one of the most important aspects of your stag party. You need a location that’s exciting, has plenty of fun things to do, and captures the mood of a bachelor party. If you live near a city like Boston, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas, point your compass downtown, you’ll have more fun.

Or, if your crew likes skiing, try a place like Whistler-Blackcomb, a ski resort with its own town filled with entertainment venues and bars.

Other locations might include your own city, or one nearby within driving distance. Any place where you can find a lot of bars and fun things to do is perfect. Scope out surrounding areas and go where you have the most options.

It’s also a great idea to plan things out using Google maps. Find out how far every thing is, or else you might find yourself strapped for time getting from one place to another.

Consider everyone’s pocketbook as well. Will everyone be able to fly? A Las Vegas stag party is always epic, but how much fun will it be if your best man can’t make it there? If you’re thinking about airfare costs, don’t be worried. You can find great deals to the best locations for stag parties on your laptop. With group rates, you’ll save even more.

Choose the Right Venues

The most important part of the stag party is the place you party, but choosing the right places to go is not always easy. Consider what everyone likes but don’t be afraid to push some people beyond their comfort zones. Pick hot clubs, cool guy bars, and fun places that have everything guys like.

Wherever you choose to go, plan. Don’t just go out and expect to waltz into any bar, club, or any other venue for that matter unannounced. A good bouncer will probably stop your crew dead before you hit the door. So, book your own VIP tables at the hottest club in town, and don’t flinch at the price tag, it’s worth it. Remember, the night is epic, not economical.

If you don’t like the clubs, reserve a room at a bar, or restaurant. This ensures you have a place to go, and aren’t wandering from bar to bar until you find one willing to let a bunch of drunk men in the door.

Rent Some Skin

Get a stripper. No stag party is complete without one. Choose the stripper to suit your party, and be ready to shell out some cash for the privilege.  The stripper is always a negative of the bridge-to-be. If the bride is reserved and quiet, make sure the stripper is anything but. This way the soon-to-be former bachelor has a proper send off into the married life.

For a really fun night, take the strippers out on the town with you, they’ll be sure to show you how to party.

Plan Some Fast Fun

Plan some fun, adventurous things to get the party going in the right direction, and as a way to rein things in if things get too wild. For instance, go-karts are a staple of stag parties. You can up the ante a little by taking everyone to a real race track with real race cars. Yes, you wanted an epic party, take a white-knuckle ride in a race car.

Or, do something more extreme. Go skydiving. There’s other ways to get adrenaline pumping. Rent a cigarette boat, go whitewater rafting, or snowmobiling, for instance. The options are endless.

Get the Right Locomotion

Any epic party needs to have transportation, and the wheels you choose will really set your bachelor party apart from any other. So, get something cool. Consider a stretch Hummer limousine if you plan on heading out to the city. Remember, you’ll want a chauffeur to drive you around if you’re drinking.

If you are hitting the clubs, make sure to go the limousine route. It’s just so much cooler to pull up to those velvet ropes in something that says, “Yeah, we’ve arrived.”

If you don’t plan on drinking, how about renting your crew low riders for the evening? Or, rent them all Harley-Davidsons. Take them on the road and get some bugs in your teeth. That’s altogether another recipe for a different kind of epic stag party. It all depends how you want to roll. Just do it safe!

Find a Place to Chow Down

Everyone will need sustenance to party hard. Pick your restaurant carefully. Decide whether you want to go classy and dine in an upscale steakhouse. If so, go big and head to the best steakhouse in town. This is no time to think about price.

If you really just want to eat bro food in a greasy spoon, go ahead and do so. Pick a restaurant with an eating challenge and get one of your crew to step up to the plate (literally) to eat his way onto their wall of champions. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something everyone will enjoy.

When you have a big party, make sure call ahead and reserve a room, or several tables to make things go smoothly.

You also want to follow a few more simple rules to make sure your stag party is epic, and not an epic failure. Make sure everyone knows about it well ahead of time, and everyone chips in to fund the extravaganza. Don’t let friends slide, you’ll have to crack the whip at some point.

So, if you are planning a ‘last blast’ for your best friend, just add these six ingredients and you’ll host the most epic stag party ever.