If you want to keep the passion alive in the bedroom, don't forget to incorporate these six things that will tell her you're good at sex, while making sure to improve on each skill with some key tips. When it comes to pleasing a woman, there's more to take into account than just your overall performance the first time you get into bed. View the situation as a way to lay down a foundation that will not just leave her wanting more, but will give her a solid indication that you'll be able to keep giving her more. You can even look at it as somewhat of a sexual job interview.


Put all selfishness on hold for a while. For example, offer to share your food on a date. When it comes to sex, this means that you should hold back on requests from your end, and it means that you need to honor any requests from her end. She should leave thinking that her satisfaction was your only goal. Also, when you're less focused on yourself, you're not going to miss the crucial cues coming from her end.


Show that you're willing to put an emphasis on foreplay. This way, she'll know that her experience won't depend on just the sex itself. And remember that there's less that can go wrong with oral sex than intercourse, so you'll be playing it safe while you get to know what she likes.


Let her take the lead when she wants to, but don't assume that she will. Outside of the bedroom, you can let her take the lead, such as having her drive the two of you somewhere. Some women want a man to take charge, while others want to be in control themselves. Just don't assume that you can tell before you've ever hooked up. The safe move is to take the lead and assume that it will stay that way.


Don't ask a bunch of questions along the way. For example, you can suggest a date without asking her where she wants to go. Women don't want to explain themselves while they're with a man, and trial and error isn't a bad thing when it comes to sex. Take mental notes along the way. Once you have a variety of moves that work, you can start to include them together in various combinations to keep things fresh.


Demonstrate that you have the confidence to take things slowly. This isn't as simple as just lasting a long time. It's about knowing when to strategically back off. For example, if you've found something that works when it comes to oral sex, you don't have to stay with the move the entire time. If you back off a bit, maybe by kissing her stomach, it'll make your original move even better when you return.


Be an empowered participant in the sex, willing to adjust when she adjusts. If she want to go skydiving on your third date, show her you're up for anything. With sex, even if you have your whole routine planned out, be willing to go with any curveball she throws your way. If she is making it clear that she wants sex to be gentle and romantic, you should follow along. And if she's making it clear that she wants things to get more wild, put your inhibitions behind you.