A pool table offers a challenging game, a bit of exercise, and a prime location to start a conversation with some hot chicks. Because a pool table is often located in a bar, you have the advantage of the woman possibly being a bit tipsy which means she may be more open to at least listening to what you have to say. You also have the advantage of plenty of props at the table that can help you start your conversation. Your choice of lines depends largely on the type of guy you want to come across as being.


Man in need. Acting as the proverbial damsel in distress, even as a guy, can have a woman coming to your rescue and providing an instant conversation starter. If the pool tables run on quarters, ask for change for a dollar. If they don’t, you can always ask to borrow the chalk or the triangle ball rack.


Man to be reckoned with. You can start off with that obvious sexual tension that always seems to work in movies. Simply challenge the gal to a game of pool. “I’ll bet you can’t beat a man at this game,” will surely set the tension rolling, but it could also lead to getting your butt kicked.


Man with humor. A sweet and cute sense of humor often works to melt a gal’s heart, or at least get her talking to you. You can kick off a conversation with a funny story about how you flubbed up the last time you played pool. It may even entice her enough to want to see your flubs in action and invite you to play a game with her.


Man with raunchy humor. “You got some balls, lady,” and similar lines seem like an automatic choice for guys who think gals like raunchy humor. You might get a moan or a groan, but you might also get a laugh and a phone number. Don’t be surprised if you also get a nasty look, however.


Man with obvious pickup lines. The pool table and obvious pickup lines go hand-in-hand. You might not get optimum best results from your efforts, but you will probably at least make her laugh. Lines may include, “You really know how to hit those balls,” and “I love the way you handle that big stick.”


Man who knows what women want. No, not all women necessarily want sex with you in the pool hall bathroom. But they usually do like to be complimented. Pick out something innocent if you’re on the polite side, telling her how cool her hair or shoes are. If you’re a bit more daring, you have plenty of opportunities while she’s bending over the pool table to compliment her physique. Just be nice about, not crude. Don’t forget she’s wielding a big stick and knows how to use it.